Episode 43: Becoming a Divorce Recovery Specialist with Wendy Sterling

The pain can be overwhelming for those who are going through the grief-like process of divorce. Going through that transition into independence and happiness is difficult to overcome no matter the circumstances. Today’s guest knows all about that painful process and provides a way for those in need to get through it and transform into … Read more

Episode 42: From Divorce Lawyer to Spiritual Healer with Debra Stangl

Finding the right path is the most daunting task in our lives. Life is full of transformations and challenges that serve to push you in the right direction. Spiritual healer and author Debra Stangl knows about transformation all too well. Debra is the founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, a spiritual healing practice based in Arizona. … Read more

Episode 7: Going From Invisible to Impactful with Juliette Stapleton

 Beliefs: My conversation with Juliette starts out with a discussion of what she’s all about: self-appreciation, living in the moment, and connecting with the people and creatures who share in your life. This is a theme she continues to expand on throughout the episode.  She puts special focus on self-awareness, trusting intuition and deciding … Read more

Episode 6 : She Traveled the World to Find Herself with Marinella Yule

If you’re anything like me, then you love to travel. However, for most people, traveling usually involves hotels, plane tickets, suitcases, neck pillows, and plenty of other creature comforts. If you’re used to journeying that way, then you know it can get really expensive really fast. For that reason, so many people who want to … Read more

Episode 4: Finding Spirituality with Humor with Kyle Lipton

Kyle Lipton helps individuals find spirituality by using humor as a guide for their journey. The journey in life is to find your true self. Your true self starts to show when you begin to learn to trust yourself. Connecting to Your True Self Beginning the connection to your true self occurs when you decide … Read more

Episode 1: Authenticity Requires Real Action – Becoming Your Biggest Fan With Rachel Strong

There are literally thousands of motivational speakers, influencers, coaches, mentors, and advocates out there promoting how their unique approach to self-care is the key to unlocking “your authentic, best self.” The promise of self-identification and advocacy is achievable, but not without a significant investment, traditionally funded by you. Join Pam Savino, as she welcomes her … Read more