Episode 43: Becoming a Divorce Recovery Specialist with Wendy Sterling

The pain can be overwhelming for those who are going through the grief-like process of divorce. Going through that transition into independence and happiness is difficult to overcome no matter the circumstances. Today’s guest knows all about that painful process and provides a way for those in need to get through it and transform into their true selves. Wendy Sterling is a professional divorce recovery specialist and has spent the last three years helping women transition through divorce. However, this was not always her calling. 

Before starting her business three years ago, Wendy had a longtime career in advertising and was married for more than 20 years. While her life looked perfect to her colleagues and friends on social media, in reality, her marriage was struggling. After discovering her husband was having an affair, she knew something had to change. Wendy asked for a divorce and went through one of the hardest transitions of her life. 

Throughout her divorce process, Wendy experienced extreme anxiety, anger and depression. She drastically lost weight while trying to support her children by herself and starting a new advertising job. Her life was a wreck and she was searching for something new. Through Facebook, she connected with a friend who was working as a transitional life coach. After talking with her, she attended one of her coaching sessions and felt better than she had felt in a long time. 

After a year of recovering from her divorce trauma, Wendy decided to leave her longtime advertising career and start her own coaching business, The Divorce Rehab. She wanted to help other women recover from divorce just like she did. Her philosophy was that divorce can be an empowering experience for women to find their true voice and live authentically. She also wanted to be the perfect role model for her children. 

Wendy now works with women in all stages of divorce. She relies on her intuition to decide what method is best for her clients, even if it means they are better off working with someone else. She offers individual and group coaching as well as a Facebook group for client check-ins. Wendy uses a tough-love philosophy and the idea that fear does not exist to push her clients in the right direction.

In addition to her coaching business, Wendy hosts The Divorced Woman’s Guide podcast. She also hosts a free webinar available on her website. 

Contact Wendy through her website to learn more about The Divorce Rehab and keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram.