Are You Seeing Signs of Awakening?

Ahhhh, finally… The moment I’ve been waiting for. The breakthrough!

In the last couple of newsletters, I’ve talked about how life’s been particularly challenging in recent months. It’s been one thing after another, a steady stream of things big and small, testing me in a number of different areas (see prior newsletters for the details!).

My spiritual belief system is what kept me going. I knew what was happening on an energetic level. Old systems were breaking down, making way for the new. I’ve experienced this kind of cycle many times, and I knew that if I just kept showing up every day with love and authenticity, before long, the breakthrough would reveal itself.

Well, my friends, it’s here. Let me tell you how I knew it was right around the corner…

1111 Everywhere

The numeric code 1111 is associated with awakening. Reaching higher levels of consciousness. Whenever I see this code repeatedly, I know that an epiphany is right around the corner.

For the last few days, I have been seeing this code everywhere.  

Every Wednesday, I block out time for creativity. I write new content, write these newsletters and set aside time to meditate around what other ideas I want to bring into the world. A few days ago, the word “awakening” kept popping into my thoughts. I said, “Ok, awakening will be the topic of the newsletter I write on Wednesday.”

While I was driving my kids to school this morning, I saw a car with “1111” on the license plate. When I got home, I sat down to write this newsletter on awakening and just realized the date today is 11/11. I got spiritual chills from head to toe, as I got confirmation once again, that everything is in full and perfect divine alignment.

What have I experienced this week? Major downloads from the Universe. I now have more clarity about the direction I need to take, and it has totally illuminated the way. I’m emerging from this with boundless enthusiasm. Creativity has skyrocketed. I literally feel universal energy coursing through my body.  

Why Awaken Anyways?

Before we dive into the “how” of awakening, it makes sense to start with the “why.” Why even go down that road? Why not just keep doing life the way you’re used to doing it? I mean, after all, it’s easier to continue doing what you know, isn’t it?

As you awaken and reach higher levels of consciousness, you open yourself up to the flow of universal energy. It is from this place of enlightenment that you live life from the soul, and life flows with ease. You begin to experience limitless love, abundance, peace, fulfillment, purpose and all of the other soul-based virtues on a continual basis.

Open yourself up to the idea of awakening. Let the Universe know you’re ready. And if you don’t feel ready, start anyway. If we wait until we’re ready to do things, we won’t get to most of them.  The trick is to start before you’re ready and trust that the Universe will take care of you.

Is the Universe Winking at You?

Did you know that the Universe is always trying to converse with you?

In my book, SOAR, I talk about how the Universe communicates with us every day: 

“Keep your eyes open for synchronicities, or “cosmic winks.” That’s the Universe’s way of communicating with us. I have always marveled at what a great conversationalist the Universe is. It loves to give us feedback and reassurance that we are on the right track, but we have to heighten our own awareness and raise our antennae so we can receive these communications. Start paying attention to everyone and everything. Observe every aspect of your surroundings, and take note of anything that seems to have relevance or meaning.

The Universe communicates to us in a variety of ways, including songs, numeric codes and other modalities. Have you ever gotten in the car, turned on the radio and felt like the song lyrics were speaking directly to you and what you might have been thinking about at that moment? When you start paying attention to these little communications around you, you’ll start experiencing these synchronicities.”

This week I’d encourage you to reflect on your life over the last few weeks, and try to identify any synchronicities you experienced. What was the Universe trying to tell you?

Spiritually-aligned Actions You Can Take This Week

What can you do this week to start to awaken? Do what I did to start off this section… ask a question. Then ask another one. Then another one. Challenge yourself to do something a new way. Ask yourself, “Why?” Then ask somebody else, “Why?” Ask yourself how you feel several times throughout the day. Get really curious about everything.

The whole goal here is to turn the unconscious into the conscious. There are so many things we do day after day, year after year, without even realizing their meaning or significance. As you go through your days, try to find the meaning and significance behind what you do. Life is so much sweeter when we live a soul-based life.  

This process of awakening can take years, so be patient with yourself as you begin your journey.

I’m always here to guide and serve you. I view my purpose as a spiritual awakener, not a spiritual teacher. You already have your answers, and the fun part is to discover them. I don’t tell you what to do. Rather, I ask you questions that lead you to your truth. I’m proud of you.

Happy awakening, and may you have a synchronicity-filled week!