Episode 42: From Divorce Lawyer to Spiritual Healer with Debra Stangl

Finding the right path is the most daunting task in our lives. Life is full of transformations and challenges that serve to push you in the right direction. Spiritual healer and author Debra Stangl knows about transformation all too well.

Debra is the founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, a spiritual healing practice based in Arizona. Before that, Debra worked as a divorce attorney for over 20 years. How did she transform from being a lawyer in Omaha to practicing spiritual guidance in Arizona?

Like many of life’s transformations, it started with a traumatic event in Debra’s life. After a five-year battle with cancer, her mother passed away at age 51. Debra was in law school at the time and was completely overcome with grief, as was her father. On a whim, Debra went to a psychic to hopefully obtain some guidance for how she and her father could move forward. 

Through the psychic’s predictions, Debra found out that her mom was in a safe place, but also that her dad had been having an affair with a family friend for years. Skeptical and confused, Debra confronted her father, and the psychic was right. Through the trauma and devastation of her family’s changes, Debra decided to look into spiritual guidance. 

Starting with meditation and breathwork, Debra slowly started to feel better, but something was still missing. By this time, she was working as a divorce attorney and was absolutely miserable. A voice in her head kept saying, “leave your law practice,” but she couldn’t. She was in debt and was financially supporting her entire family. 

After a suggestion was made by her energy healer, Debra went to Sedona for a spiritual retreat, which changed her life forever. A vision came to her in the form of the Egyptian goddess, Isis saying, “if you don’t quit your law practice, you will die at an early age just like your mother.” That was the wake-up call she needed. 

Debra dissolved her law practice, found a way to pay off her debt and started making regular trips to Sedona for retreats. Eventually, she moved there full-time and started Sedona Soul Adventures in 2002 as a way to help individuals and couples reconnect with their essential and spiritual nature. 

Sedona Soul Adventures offers personal and couples retreat, women’s retreats and sacred travel retreats to locations like Egypt and Peru. They cater retreats to each person’s individual needs and are now offering virtual options amid the pandemic. 

Retreats may include practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work and life coaching. Sign up for a retreat on their website or schedule a free call with your own personal Angel Guide. 

Debra is also the author of “The Journey To Happy: How Embracing the Concept that “Nothing is Wrong” Can Transform Your Life”, which is available on Amazon.

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