Episode 55: Finding New Dimensions of Authenticity with Sydney Campos

Living a life of authenticity and integrity takes practice and determination, even if that means picking yourself up from rock bottom. Today’s guest, Sydney Campos, knows this journey all too well. Sydney is a visionary healer, author and strategy advisor among many other wonderful things. Her mission is to create heaven on Earth for all … Read more

Episode 52: Helping Women Break Free From Diet Culture with Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron

Today’s guests, Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron, are the founders of Wellness Lately, a coaching program designed to help women change their relationships with body image, food and self-worth. For anyone who feels like they’ve hit rock bottom with body image issues or may be struggling with disordered eating, Bridget and Dana have developed a … Read more

Episode 49: Living Your Life with Gratitude with Georgian Benta

What does it mean to be grateful? What does the word “gratitude” mean to you? Today’s guest, Georgian Benta has based his life around the idea of gratitude and how it allows you to be more positive, uplifted and free.  Georgian is the host of the “Gratitude Podcast”, in which he guides listeners from all … Read more

Episode 47: Humanizing Your Professional Brand with Joshua B. Lee

   How do you step into living in an authentic space, not just in your personal life, but in your professional life too? There is more to living authentically than just “being yourself”. Living authentically comes from hard work, appreciation and perhaps most importantly, building relationships. Entrepreneur, business owner, coach and author Joshua B. … Read more

Episode 46: Reconnecting to Your Authentic Voice with Sydney Weiss

 Coping with pain and discomfort is difficult for anyone. How do we see the positive aspects of overwhelming situations? How can we be kinder to ourselves and allow ourselves to grow? Podcast host and joy-seeking expert, Sydney Weiss, says you have to start before you’re ready.  For the past few years, Sydney has been … Read more