Episode 119: Be Intentional About Being Yourself with Mike Kasdan

 Episode 119 of the Live Authentically podcast features Mike Kasdan, an intellectual property lawyer, professor of NYU Law and the founder of Lawyering While Human, an organization dedicated to serving law firms and schools by providing mental health and wellness services.  He is also on the leadership team for The Good Men Project, a … Read more

​Episode 118: Overcoming Adversity – With John Cerasani

 On episode 118 of the Live Authentically Podcast, we are joined by John Cerasani, a personal friend of Pam’s and founder of Glencrest Global, a venture capital firm based in Chicago, Illinois.  John’s firm invests in companies operating in the sports, gaming, leisure, hospitality, food technology, government technology, SaaS and technology sectors. But John … Read more

Episode 117: Have Your Own Back – With Susan Larkin

 Episode 117 of the Live Authentically podcast features Susan Larkin, an alcohol awareness and addiction coach who found her calling after quitting drinking herself. Larkin says at a certain point in her life, she realized that alcohol was the thing that was keeping her from living authentically.  “And one of the first things I … Read more

​Episode 115: Living an Examined Life – With Simon Drew

 In episode 115 of Live Authentically, we are joined by an inspirational guest from Australia, Simon Drew. Simon characterizes himself as a poet, musician and philosopher. However, Simon reaches far beyond those labels as he helps people truly understand themselves through mentorships and his book, The Poet & The Sage– “a work born of … Read more

Episode 114: Generate Joy – With Michele Finn

 Episode 114 of the Live Authentically podcast features Michele Finn, an aromatherapist and personal wellness coach. She is also the owner of Jubilee of Wellness, a health and wellness store. Finn begins the episode by explaining how she lives authentically each day. She says she aims to bring joy in every way that she … Read more

Episode 113: Check-In With Yourself – With Christina Lopes

 Episode 113 of the Live Authentically podcast is all about Christina Lopes, a former clinician who is now a healer, life coach and spiritual teacher. Her goal in her work is to bridge science and spirituality to help others heal from significant trauma, open their hearts and lead fulfilling lives. Lopes says the way … Read more

Episode 111: Chew The Fat – With Udo Erasmus (Part 2)

 Episode 111 of Live Authentically is part two with Udo Erasmus. Erasmus is a health and wellness pioneer who discovered flax oil. The author of “Fats that heal, fats that kill,” Erasmus’s message on how to achieve perfect health has impacted over 10 million lives. In the first podcast with Erasmus, he goes over … Read more