LA Episode 3- Faith And The Real Self: Thoughts On Authenticity and Self-Actualization With Isabel Hundt

Our conversation begins with Isabel defining what it means to be authentic, serve others and serve yourself in a balanced way. She emphasizes you must begin by choosing to approach everything in your life from a place of love and understanding. Making that choice can be difficult, but it pays massive dividends over time with … Read more

LA Episode 2-The Power In Plants – Fueling The Body To Function At Its Best

 Now more than ever, people are focused on overall health and wellness, much of which begins with the type of food we consume. We’ve been bred to follow the ever-popular food pyramid, which categorizes the type of food, and quantity, recommended to us for daily consumption by the Food and Drug Administration, for optimal … Read more

LA Episode 1- Authenticity Requires Real Action – Becoming Your Biggest Fan

There are literally thousands of motivational speakers, influencers, coaches, mentors, and advocates out there promoting how their unique approach to self-care is the key to unlocking “your authentic, best self.” The promise of self-identification and advocacy is achievable, but not without a significant investment, traditionally funded by you. Join Pam Savino, as she welcomes her … Read more