Episode 116: The Extraordinary Power of Virtues – With Kathy Motlagh

Episode 116 of Live Authentically puts the spotlight on Kathy Motlagh, founder of Think Virtues – a unique holistic education coaching and consulting firm. Its mission is to guide individuals and families in identifying their top virtues and use them as a tool to dig deep into who they truly are, what they desire, and move them towards living as their complete authentic selves.

Now, Kathy and Pamela aren’t strangers — they are actually close friends who share the same overarching purpose in life: adding the value of authenticity to as many people as they can from a place of love and open-heartedness. 

As the discussion begins, Kathy emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself and how the influence of our upbringing, society and education can program us to have certain biases and beliefs that make us value material things over ourselves.

“We are conditioned to buy $80,000 on a car that is $20,000 less as soon as we drive it off the lot, buy $400,000 homes and fill it with furniture. These things are important, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, we don’t seem to have the budget.”

Kathy then encourages people to consider that “you are the most important and valuable asset that you have. Without you, your health, mental health and physical health, you have nothing.“

The ladies then discuss the powerful journey from the ego into the soul and the incredible moment of cognitive dissonance that led Kathy to find Think Virtues. 

Right out of college, Kathy got recruited into the finance industry and became successful very quickly (which she credits to years of coaching). This steered her to become the sixth highest producing female in the country, with a seven-figure income.

And with all this success, she came to find that she was unhappy and empty inside, but she didn’t know why. So naturally, she started doing a lot of research on what awakens the soul and how to connect with the innermost precious self.

After having kids, one of her sons started coming home from school after learning about virtues; she noticed that after a month of practicing four virtues with him every day, it made a huge positive impact on their relationship. It gave them both a raised awareness of who they were and how they were affecting others around them.

This transformation inspired Kathy and she realized that “Virtues are who we are. Our hearts and souls. We need to work on them, contemplate them and practice them.” She wanted to get this concept outside the walls of the classroom and share it with the world, which is how it all started.

Now, Kathy works with over 300 virtues and helps individuals and families identify their top virtues and bring them to the forefront of their existence — all so they can live their most powerful, authentic lives.

If you are curious to know more, listen to the full episode to dive deeper into the power of virtues and the positive ripple effect it has on the world!

You can learn more about Kathy, Think Virtues and the selection of programs available by visiting her website or checking out her LinkedIn page.