Step Aside IQ, EQ is the Key to Success

Did you know that EQ is the true key to success, not just IQ?

EQ accounts for nearly 90% of what sets high-performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge, according to a Harvard Business School study.

That’s right 90%

First off, let’s define IQ and EQ, and what falls under each.

IQ: Intelligence Quotient, has to do with knowledge, book smarts, logic, problem-solving.

It’s a necessary ingredient for success, but research is finding that the skill that really determines the leaders of the pack is actually EQ.  

EQ: Emotional Quotient, is about relating to ourselves and others, through emotion.  It governs how you show up in the world, street smarts, intuition, empathy, compassion, and overall well-being.

Why is it important to have a high EQ?  The benefits are many:

– Be a more magnetic leader

– Helps with relationship-building

– Better decision-making

– Improve employee retention

– Boost employee morale

– Higher team productivity

– Lower stress

While some people are born with naturally high EQs, the good news is that it can be nurtured.  Like any other skill, it’s something that needs to be prioritized and refined every single day.

According to Daniel Goleman, a Harvard researcher with a PhD in Psychology, the most emotionally intelligent people have 12 key traits.

Here they are.  As you read through these, I’d encourage you to reflect on what area you’d like to strengthen:

  1. Emotional self-awareness: Being tapped in to how you’re feeling.
  2. Emotional self-control: Maintaining poise regardless of the situation.
  3. Adaptability: Ability to be nimble and respond to changing situations.
  4. Achievement orientation: Having super high standards and constantly trying to improve.
  5. Positive outlook: Being optimistic and finding the silver lining with the backdrop of growth.
  6. Empathy: The ability to step into others’s shoes and understand how they feel.
  7. Organizational awareness: Highly aware of team dynamics and effects of external forces.
  8. Influence: Exuding a magnetism that naturally draws others.
  9. Coach and mentor: Providing support, encouragement and motivation.
  10. Conflict management: Taking the high road during disagreements.
  11. Teamwork: You help others interact in the most optimal way.
  12. Inspirational Leadership: Helping others tune into their area of genius.

What were your takeaways?  Did you realize anything about yourself?  Are you feeling inspired to intentionally dedicate time and energy to working on your EQ?

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