Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Non-Judgment


Wherever there’s variety and contrast, there’s gonna be judgment.  It’s part of human nature. But getting to a place of non-judgment is a big part of spirit-inspired leadership. Why?  Because judgment gets in the way of connection – to ourselves and others. Judgment is what holds us apart and separate. And without connection, we literally … Read more

Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Integrity


Right out of the gate, I’m gonna lead with this: Integrity is easy when you know who you are. The keywords here?  Knowing who you are. This is where the spirit-driven piece comes in and adds a whole new dimension to integrity. Now we’re getting to the fun stuff.  Here’s how to think about integrity … Read more

Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Accountability


Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… Nobody’s coming. Nobody’s coming to tell you to prioritize yourself. Nobody’s coming to tell you to take a break because you’re so burnt out. Nobody’s coming to tell you to cut the one-sided relationships out of your life. Nobody’s coming to tell you to … Read more

Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Vulnerability

Spirit-Inspired Leadership Vulnerability

When you hear the word vulnerable, what comes to mind? Do you associate it with weakness or strength? If you’re looking to take your leadership skills to a whole new level, consider making vulnerability a priority. First off, why? Let’s back up for a moment.  I’ll break this down for you. We’ve already established that … Read more

Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Purposeful Contribution

Purposeful Contribution

Spirit-Inspired leadership is a powerful thing. When a leader lets their spirit lead the way, the ripple effect is huge. Spirit-inspired leadership has several pillars, and over the next several newsletters, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into each of them, kicking it off this week with the idea of purposeful contribution. Purpose is the … Read more

Expand Your Impact With Spirit-Inspired Leadership

Expand Your Impact With Spirit-Inspired Leadership

One thing I believe all leaders have in common is a desire to make an impact. On humanity. On the planet. On those around them. The list goes on. You can maximize that difference and really expand your impact and reach by tapping into your spirit, hence the term spirit-inspired leadership. When you let your … Read more

Every Business Leader Needs a Spiritual Mentor. Here’s Why.

Spiritual Mentor

As you know by now, I firmly believe in the spiritual way of life and live by it every single day. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect, and it doesn’t mean I’m done working on myself. It does mean, however, that spiritual alignment is my number one initiative. I can say with 100% certainty that if … Read more

Do Less. Attract More.

Do Less. Attract More.

Did you realize that it’s possible to do less and attract more? Not only is it possible, but it’s so much fun. As we gain momentum, how we present ourselves directly impacts what’s reflected back to us. Doing less takes the focus off the doing and shifts the focus to the being.  After all, we’re … Read more

Client Spotlight: Spirituality Creates Clarity in my Client’s Message

Client Spotlight

I’m so excited to bring you the first feature in my Client Spotlight series, where I showcase my amazing high-achieving clients and show you how they’re incorporating spirituality into their lives, personally and professionally. This week we’re featuring Daniel, a high-achieving financial services professional.  Over the last two years, he’s really leaned into spirit-driven leading … Read more

Money: How to Attract More

How to Attract More

So far in this series, we’ve talked about the relationship between money and spirituality, I’ve shared a personal money manifestation story, we’ve discussed rewriting your money story, and explored reasons for wanting more abundance. And now for the main event….How to attract more! This is where we bring it all together and get a little … Read more