Taking a Deep Dive into the Laws of the Universe

Learning the Laws of the Universe will Change Your Life

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be diving into the laws of the universe.  Why is it important to learn the laws of the universe?  By harnessing the power of these laws, you can radically transform your life. In addition to educating you on these foundational laws, I’m going to show you how … Read more

Episode 49: Living Your Life with Gratitude with Georgian Benta

What does it mean to be grateful? What does the word “gratitude” mean to you? Today’s guest, Georgian Benta has based his life around the idea of gratitude and how it allows you to be more positive, uplifted and free.  Georgian is the host of the “Gratitude Podcast”, in which he guides listeners from all … Read more

Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You

Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You

Last week, we introduced the concept of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. As a refresher, we all embody divine masculine and divine feminine energies in varying degrees, and when the energies are balanced, we achieve a state of wholeness and completion.   When we achieve this state of wholeness and completion, we will have … Read more

Your Balanced Energies Make You Whole

masculine and feminine energies

I’m super-pumped to be moving into “next level” spiritual topics.  Up to this point, we have covered several topics that serve as a solid foundation for your spiritual growth. But now I’m feeling the pull to move into more advanced spiritual concepts. This blog post is the first in a three-part series, where we explore … Read more

Episode 47: Humanizing Your Professional Brand with Joshua B. Lee

   How do you step into living in an authentic space, not just in your personal life, but in your professional life too? There is more to living authentically than just “being yourself”. Living authentically comes from hard work, appreciation and perhaps most importantly, building relationships. Entrepreneur, business owner, coach and author Joshua B. … Read more

5 Life-Changing Ways to Invest In Yourself

5 Life-Changing Ways to Invest In Yourself

Last week, we talked about getting in the mindset on how to invest in yourself. We want to get back to that mindset, so let’s pick up where we left off.  What’s your most valuable asset? YOU.  You are your most important asset.  Everything in this world stems from the relationship you have with yourself … Read more

Episode 46: Reconnecting to Your Authentic Voice with Sydney Weiss

 Coping with pain and discomfort is difficult for anyone. How do we see the positive aspects of overwhelming situations? How can we be kinder to ourselves and allow ourselves to grow? Podcast host and joy-seeking expert, Sydney Weiss, says you have to start before you’re ready.  For the past few years, Sydney has been … Read more

YOU Are Your Most Valuable Asset

YOU Are Your Most Valuable Asset

As 2020 comes to a close, I’m finding myself reflecting on all that’s happened this year.  Life as we knew it turned totally upside down, and we’ve had to find our new groove in this new world.  I’ve thought a lot about where I was, going into the pandemic, where I am now, and where … Read more

Episode 45: Discovering the Power of Choice and Love with Farooq Shah

 We all go through challenging and traumatic experiences in our lives. How do we establish a belief system to get through those challenges? Is it worth the pain and suffering to accomplish your goals? Author, thought leader and spiritual teacher, Farooq Shah says it is absolutely worth it. Farooq’s life has been riddled with … Read more