Why You Shouldn’t Work More Than 50 Hours a Week

Why You Shouldn't Work More Than 50 Hours a Week

For some things in life, more is better, but the number of hours worked in a week is not one of them. Have you ever suffered from “work hours creep?”  I know I sure have. You start a job targeting to work about eight hours a day.  After all, you know it’s important to have … Read more

Episode 71: The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Gabe Arnold

 Today’s guest is Gabe Arnold, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Business Marketing Engine, a full-service marketing firm. If you’re a long-time follower of the Live Authentically podcast, you might be wondering where you’ve heard that name before. Gabe was the featured guest way back on the twelfth episode of our show. Then, … Read more

Stop Overthinking, Start Surrendering – Part 2

Stop Overthinking, Start Surrendering - Part 2

Hopefully, you haven’t been overthinking too much about the overthinking newsletter from last week. I just had to!   Anyways, last week we dove into the three ways to overthrow overthinking, and this week we’re going to explore seven more. Here are seven more ways to keep overthinking at bay:  4. Pay attention to how you … Read more

Stop Overthinking, Start Surrendering – Part 1

Stop Overthinking, Start Surrendering - Part 1

Do you find that overthinking is getting the best of you?  Do you find yourself ruminating over decisions you made in the past?  Do you have a hard time making decisions out of fear that you’ll make the wrong choice?  Do you find yourself obsessing about the least favorable outcome?  Do you worry about how … Read more

Episode 69: Recognizing and Changing Patterns with Deirdre Fay

 Sometimes, bad things happen. It’s not your fault when they do, but it’s easy to get caught in a loop of guilt, shame and self-blame. If you find yourself replaying a traumatic situation in your mind and asking yourself, “what if?” then today’s guest has a message you should hear.  Deirdre Fay is trained … Read more

Perfectionism Is Out. Excellence Is In.

Perfectionism is out. Excellence is in.

Calling all perfectionists! This one’s for you. You’re in good company; I’m right there with you.  Some days it’s smooth sailing as a recovering perfectionist, and other days I have to go head to head with my inner perfectionist to keep that innate desire for flawlessness at bay. Left unaddressed, perfectionism can wreak havoc on … Read more

Episode 68: Seeking Deeper Truths with Brett Hill

 Mindfulness has become a buzzword in recent years, but what does it mean? Today’s guest is modern mystic and mindfulness communication expert Brett Hill. He’s here to talk with us about spirituality, mindfulness and the mindfulness coaching business he started to help others move toward deeper truths and a higher level of awareness. Make … Read more

5 Life-Changing Ways for High-Achievers to Manage Stress

5 Life-Changing Ways for High-Achievers to Manage Stress

Stress is something we all deal with, and high-achieving are particularly susceptible to the perils of stress because we have that constant drive, never-enough feeling propelling us.  That’s all well and good to a point but can overtake us if we allow it to.  Read that again…”allow it to.” Living with ridiculously high levels of … Read more

Episode 67: Moving Toward a Place of Healing with John Malanca

 In October of 2017, John Malanca lost his wife, Corinne, to pancreatic cancer. Today, he’s here to talk to us about moving toward a place of healing and the business he and Corinne built together, which he has continued in her honor.  Be Truthful With Yourself Some things are within your control. Others aren’t. … Read more