NEW Signature Methods To Achieve More

In a recent article, we talked about crafting vision and mission statements, as they both drive the impact your company will make.

In case you missed it, you can check it out here: Sharpen Your Vision and Mission NOW

Mission statements are the guiding light for how you help your clients.  Here’s Live Authentically’s:

We empower global, open-minded C-suite executives who understand that spirituality is an essential part of business success, to create a corporate culture that embodies the energy of service, connection, and growth, personally and professionally, so that they enjoy the benefits of heightened employee morale, bolstered retention, enhanced productivity, and ultimately, a more profitable bottom line.

Live Authentically’s mission statement comes to life through my signature coaching methods, created from decades of real-world experience working with senior-level executives, blended with an understanding of universal laws.

It takes what you’re already achieving – the success, the accomplishments, the creations, the building – and unleashes it.

And all without the exhaustion and burnout.

Energy is the difference between quantum leaps and the status quo- between “mediocre” and “extraordinary.”  By leveraging energy, you’ll experience next-level results in your life and work- results that can’t be achieved by any other means. 

Simply put, no amount of grind can match the power of an aligned person running their life and business with energy. 

And therein lies Live Authentically’s unique value proposition- all accomplished through energy.

When you incorporate an energy practice into your life, you’ll look back on your current level of success and say, “That was nothing compared to where I am now.”

After 10+ years working side by side as a pension actuary with Fortune 100 executives at companies like Caterpillar, United Airlines, Bank One, Kraft, Exelon, and Robert Bosch, I learned first-hand what unique experiences high-level executives live both inside the office and at home – and what (and who) truly makes Fortune 100 brands a competitive force. 

So, I blended that with my understanding of universal laws and created my signature coaching methods.

Live Authentically’s Signature Coaching Methods will help you to:

  • Create aligned opportunities that didn’t previously exist 
  • Make strides in areas you’ve been “stuck” or haven’t previously explored 
  • Explore and excel at non-traditional approaches (say goodbye to doing for the sake of doing) 
  • Unlock an infinite “upside” (the better it gets, the better it gets!) 
  • Move and create results faster, more intentionally 
  • Take the subconscious “cap” off your potential 
  • Experience more ease and less stress – while experiencing more achievement 
  • Scale your business and increase profitability 

…and ultimately harness your true power and potential so you can trade in overwhelm and anxiety for more purpose, more profit, and sky-high levels of personal empowerment. 


As a leader, your greatest power of influence is in your alignment.

Alignment with yourself.

And that’s why the work needs to be done at an individual level.

That’s where your truest leverage is.

When you start focusing on the relationship between YOU and YOU, something astounding happens- the way you relate to others and the world around you starts to transform.

I’m always reaching for more ways to serve my clients. That said, I’m adding NEW signature methods to my offerings every week.

At the beginning of my clients’ journeys, we take a birds-eye view of the eight different areas of their lives and decide where to start.  There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; each client’s journey is unique and customized.  We make changes in a way that sticks, changes that you can incorporate into your life and business for decades to come.

If you’re up for giving this a try, let’s chat.  I’m ready to dive in and help you.  

And then the next action step is to get ready to experience a life and business that’s beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.