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Why I Become a Coach

Work With Me

One-on-One Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching, I empower my clients to make choices that will create an authentic reality that reflects who they are and what they want for their life. I firmly believe that my clients already hold the key that unlocks the door to their truth. I simply help them navigate their way to that door. I use a holistic approach that involves modalities across the spectrum, including health and wellness, spirituality and personal growth and development. Together, we identify areas of focus, set goals and formulate a plan to reach these goals. It is truly an honor and a privilege to walk beside my clients during this process.

Metaphorically speaking, this process is much like an artist painting a canvas. You are the painter with blank canvas in front of you. You are the artist. You have an infinite amount of paint colors on your palette and a variety of paintbrushes. I sit beside you and hand you different paintbrushes and paint colors to use, but ultimately, YOU are the one who creates your masterpiece.

Group Workshops

In these interactive workshops, after a brief introductory group presentation and overview, we break out into smaller discussion groups. The effect is truly synergistic, as participants bring transparency and vulnerability to the table by exploring topics in considerable depth with other group participants. Prepare to plumb the depths of your psyche and expand your consciousness as we explore and overcome our fears, crowd out self-doubt, and utilize other mechanisms that heighten our self-awareness. Expect these discussions to be highly interactive, informative, transformative, and fun!

Speaking and Presentations

I am energized by having the opportunity to share my ideas with a broader audience. There is something to be said for the collective energy experienced when like-minded individuals who are committed to growth come together in the same space. During these presentations, I encourage reflection on your own life experiences and prompt you to revisit antiquated ways of thinking in an effort to create an authentic life that reflects who you are and what you want for your life. In the presentation, I help to plant the seed; you are the one who has the task and privilege of cultivating it and watching it flourish.