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Welcome to my blog! We discuss real topics, not just feel-good topics. We are judgement-free. We are all students and teachers in our spiritual practice, and there is no better vehicle for learning about ourselves than interacting with each other in our daily lives.

I tell it like it is. The most authentic way of aligning with who we are is by honoring and celebrating ourselves, without fear and doubt. Humor is a big part of who I am, so don’t be surprised if deep spiritual concepts are counterbalanced with situational humor. I promise to always bring my authentic self, and encourage you to do the same.

I love to write about what people want to read, so email me and let me know what you would like to see!

Make Big Waves by Embracing a Rainmaker Culture

Corporate America is at a major turning point, and businesses are in the midst of a huge paradigm shift as companies assess what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be introduced. “Business as usual” modes of operation no longer cut it in this rapidly changing landscape and companies are forced…

How to Deliver World-Class Client Service

Ever wonder how to deliver world-class client service? I used to wonder, until I got to work along-side a great leader for nearly a decade, on one of our Fortune 100 clients: Caterpillar. In the actuarial world, my boss Steve wasn’t just jack of all trades, he was master of them all.  You name it…

Investing In Your Employees is the Best Decision You Can Make

Rewind back to 2003 when I was working super long hours on the BANK ONE/JP Morgan merger. We were wrapping up final pension plan pricing scenarios when one day, out of the blue, the Client Relationship Manager for one of my main clients – BANK ONE – asked if I wanted to go with him…

Step Aside IQ, EQ is the Key to Success

Did you know that EQ is the true key to success, not just IQ? EQ accounts for nearly 90% of what sets high-performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge, according to a Harvard Business School study. That’s right – 90% First off, let’s define IQ and EQ, and what falls under each….

Authentic Leadership is the Future of the Business World

We’re stepping into a new paradigm of life and business, and it’s calling business leaders to a whole new level of leadership. During a recent interview, I was asked what I think the business world is in need of most right now. My response: AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP. Authentic leaders know who they are and what they’re…

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