ATTRACT New Business

My experience with new business dates back to my mid-twenties when I was asked to get involved with new initiatives beyond my actuarial work.

Every Wednesday morning before office hours started, I had the opportunity to learn directly from the king of rainmaking and client relationship management.

Gary had a way with clients, and most of what I learned from Gary came from watching him in action.  He was the master of client relationships and was always fully present- making eye contact, leaning in, relaxed.  The ceiling could have been caving around the man, and there would be Gary, still sitting there calm, cool, and collected, listening intently and nodding as the client spoke.  (Can’t you just picture that?)

It was obvious that clients liked how they felt around Gary.  He always made them feel heard and took their concerns seriously.  Through listening and really empathizing with the client, Gary was able to put himself in their shoes and offer solutions that served them well.  

Gary’s approach embodied old-school core values – respect, kindness, integrity, empathy, compassion, and a very overt commitment to serving them.

There’s nothing quite like getting the opportunity to witness firsthand leaders embodying such values.

I still appreciate that opportunity to this day.

Let me ask you this.

When you think about new business, what comes up for you?

Excitement?  Exhilaration?  Fear?  Anxiety?  Doubt?  Rejection?

I’m asking because how you feel on the inside directly affects your results.

In my business, I don’t view myself as “selling” anything.


And there’s a huge difference.

I don’t even use the word “sales.”

By and large, sales is one of those words that can feel uncomfortable, off-putting, and pushy.  Like you’re going to be put in this awkward situation and feel obligated to buy something.

So, why don’t we change how we feel about new business and do it in a way that focuses on the value we bring and how we help people?

In my coaching, I blend my experience with new business in my corporate days, with an added twist – learning to ATTRACT.

Last week, I teed up the Laws of the Universe.  New business is one of the many areas where you can leverage these laws to work in your favor.

New business, at its core, has less to do with others and more to do with how YOU show up.

New business starts with an inside job.

It’s always been an inside job.

As a culture, and particularly with high-performers, we’re conditioned to focus on the actions.  What do I need to DO?  What’s the process?  What are the steps?

What I say to that is hold on a minute.  Before you take any action, you MUST line up the energy first.

What does that mean for you?  It means first becoming aware of how you feel and what you truly believe on the inside, and after that, rewiring the way you think and the energy you broadcast so that you can ATTRACT rather than hunt down and chase.  That’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Once you get yourself really fired up about what you’re offering and the value you bring, the action steps are a direct extension of that, and guess what?  It’s fun!  New business no longer feels like an obligation, and it’s something you’re intrinsically INSPIRED to do.

That’s what I’m talking about by energy work.

And introverts in particular – stay with me – if the idea of new business sends chills down your spine, rest assured that there are many approaches you can take.

In my coaching, I help my clients create an approach that fits their personality and radiates a signal that says, with an unquestionable knowingness, “What I offer is unique, powerful, and will enhance your life experience.”  I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to that?

Want to hear more?  You can find me here.  Let’s do this.

Oh, and stay tuned for my next article.  Being fired up about what you do starts with a crystal clear vision AND mission statements.  Do you have those for your business?