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  • Here's the scoop:

    I'm super excited that you're interested in joining me on the show! I want to share a few details with you before you begin, so you can be sure that this will be a good fit for you.

    1) This show is conversational, the only scripted question we ask is "How do you play a role in raising collective consciousness?" The rest is just a conversation.

    2) We are going to record this in Zoom and we will most likely be going live on Facebook, on one of my pages or groups. It will also be shared on Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and multiple other platforms. By completing this form you're agreeing that we own the content and can use it and promote it as we see fit.

    3) We also reserve the right to not publish the show. This rarely happens, but we're up front here and we're going to let you know that on a very rare occasion some recordings don't get published. If for any reason we are not comfortable publishing it, we retain the right to make this decision unilaterally. It's pretty simple, but in the spirit of maintaining our standards on morals and ethics, this is shared up front.

    4) This is a real life show about life and being the authentic version of you. Swearing doesn't offend me, so if that's authentic to who you are, go for it.

    5) You CANNOT say anything racist or sexist or any other commentary that is derogatory or judgemental without cause.

    6) You do get to share about what you do (and feel free to put together a special offer for my tribe). Just don't make this a pitch fest, that's not what it's for.

    7) If you have any questions whatsoever about this, just write them in the form below and we'll answer them before we schedule the booking.

    8) I understand life happens, if you need to reschedule, please try to do so 24 hours ahead of time, but worst case, reach out an hour beforehand if it's a last minute true emergency.

    9) I started this show for two reasons:

    First - to meet like minded people who play an active role in raising collective consciousness by helping people live authentic lives.

    Second - so I could spread knowledge and wisdom with my tribe and awesome people like you.

    10) I try to make these interviews about 45 minutes, but if we're in a groove and having fun I'm usually good to go longer, so try to leave some flexibility on the end time if possible.

    11) Your episode will be produced and launched 2-6 weeks after recording depending on the episodes currently in production. Once it's released, you're going to get an email with the link to your episode on our site. Please share this and spread the love!

    12. You are going to receive the zoom link after we send you a Calendly link to book the recording, be sure to accept that and save it in your calendar.