Where old school meets new age.

How do the world’s most powerful leaders and influential brands step out of status quo and into quantum levels of success?


You know that constant drive, never-enough feeling? That desire to succeed, create, achieve, compete, and create? Energy accelerates that.

Energy is the difference between quantum leaps and status quo. The difference between “mediocre” and “extraordinary”. By leveraging energy you’ll experience next-level results in your life and work - results that can’t be achieved by any other means. Simply put, there is no amount of grind that can match the power of an aligned person running their life and business through energy.

When you incorporate an energy practice into your life, your current level of success is something you’ll look back on and say “that was nothing compared to where I am now.”

“Executives who lead their companies with authentic, energy-based leadership outpace their competitors.”

After 10+ years working side by side as a pension actuary with Fortune 100 executives at companies like Caterpillar, United Airlines, Bank One, Kraft, Exelon, and Robert Bosch, I learned first-hand what unique experiences high-level executives live both inside the office and at home - and what (and who) truly makes Fortune 100 brands a competitive force.

I quickly discovered that high-level people often seem to “have it all” when really there’s often a severe asymmetry — work’s going great, but their relationships are in shambles. Or they finally got the corner office, but sales are down, and the problem is deeper than what it appears to be on the surface. Or maybe everything is “good” but there are new levels to unlock - and you’re ready for life to become extraordinary and achieve the mind-blowing results you’ve only dreamed about.

Through my blended approach of corporate experience, mastery of energetic principals, and signature call-it-like-it-is coaching style, I help high-level leaders like you:

Create aligned opportunities that didn’t previously exist
Move and create results faster, more intentionally
Make strides in areas you’ve been “stuck” or haven’t previously explored
Explore and excel at non-traditional approaches (say goodbye to doing for the sake of doing)
Unlock an infinite “upside” (the better it gets, the better it gets!)
Experience more ease and less stress - while experiencing more achievement
Take the subconscious “cap” off your potential
Scale your business and increase profitability

...and ultimately harness your true power and potential, so you can trade in overwhelm and anxiety for more purpose, more profit, and sky-high levels of personal empowerment.

Welcome to a life and business that’s beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

For Executives

“One energetically aligned person can accomplish more in one year than someone who is not aligned can accomplish in 100.”

teams Live Authentically is radically transforming the corporate world, by catering to the high-achieving powerhouses that run it.

High-level executives, founders and entrepreneurs are unique in the sense that their insatiable drive to succeed, to reach new potential and to blast through limits often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and burned out. All too common, an executive or entrepreneur with a great resume, or sales track record is lacking in peace, fulfillment and still suffering inside the noise and pressure that keeps them from actually reaching their greatest potential and happiness.

For executives, we help you master personal as well as professional challenges and identify where these problems or imbalances are causing organization-wide issues that you can transform for your highest good. By challenging outdated belief systems that no longer serve you, (i.e. the way it’s always been done) you’re able to tap into your highest purpose and carry that transformation with you in every aspect of your life and work for decades to come.

Through our signature coaching methods and masterful infusion of energetics, high-achieving people will learn how to excel in a bigger, bolder, and more sustainable way. When you replace “the grind” with soul-based fundamentals, you free yourself from the limitations and fears holding you back and catapult yourself into mind-blowing levels of success -- all while maintaining the harmony and balance you desire in your life.

Think old school values, with a new-age twist.

For Teams

“When we show up with a commitment to authenticity on all levels, we move ourselves, each other, our company and ultimately humanity forward in a powerful way.”

Live Authentically teaches corporate teams how to embrace authenticity - and why prioritizing authenticity in the workplace is the most profitable move an organization can make.

The opposite of “going through the motions”, authenticity is the key to healthy employee engagement, productivity at work, and deep personal fulfillment among staff.

When our employees are living and working in roles that align with their deeper purpose, are personally invested in the company’s mission, and take true ownership of their position in the organization - employee engagement skyrockets and as a result, so does company profitability.

There has never been so much data supporting the importance of employee engagement. Fulfilled employees are engaged employees - and engaged employees are the secret to record-breaking revenue, recession-proof stamina, and on average 21% more profit for the companies that put employee happiness first.

Yet, very few executives take a truly holistic approach to overall employee well-being

Burnout and overwhelm company-wide is a surefire sign that the burnout and overwhelm is festering in the C-Suite. Your employees are the customer-facing ambassadors of your brand, who directly shape your customer’s overall level of happiness, satisfaction, and most importantly - retention.

And while overwhelm, burnout, and apathy may sound like “just another day” at work, that doesn’t have to be “just the way it is.” It’s not sustainable and puts the entire organization at risk.

Authenticity in the workplace isn’t about the “power of positive thinking.” Many executives make the mistake by attempting to force positive thinking, instead of resolving the root cause of stress, lack of motivation, and general apathy. When authenticity is embraced at all levels of the company - from the C-suite to the interns, you end up with employees who are in roles they love and a deep sense of purpose and camaraderie company-wide.

By infusing soul into your organization and by prioritizing the soul-based virtues that are often overlooked and undervalued, we’re helping the top leaders unlock every team member’s true area of genius, and unleash unlimited revenue potential - starting with one fulfilled team member at a time.

Meet the Newest Member of the C-Suite

“When authenticity is incorporated in an intentional way, growth becomes explosive.”

You’ve got the visionary, the person responsible for the long-term strategy for the company. You’ve got the financial genius managing the company’s cash flow. You’ve got the head of operations making sure the day-today works together seamlessly.
But who is managing authenticity?

Who is ensuring that every player in your company is working authentically, is creatively fulfilled and bringing their A-game to the corporate table every day? Who is leading the charge on explosive, paradigm-shifting, industry-dominating growth? The kind of company-wide evolution that starts with individual team members?

This is exactly where we come in.

As your Chief Authenticity Officer (CAO) I help navigate your organization through the lens of growth, by mastery of high-performance energetics and signature coaching methods that create an environment of unleashed potential, razor-sharp focus, and unstoppable success.

By prioritizing authenticity and vulnerability, we’ll pave the way for record-breaking growth and transformation. As your Chief Authenticity Officer, we’ll curate a corporate culture that embodies the energy of service and growth (personally and professionally) so your organization enjoys the lucrative benefits of heightened employee morale, bolstered retention, enhanced productivity and ultimately a more profitable bottom line.

It’s not enough to occasionally (and half-heartedly) check-in with your employees or leadership team. Growth is foundational, at the heart of every decision an organization makes -- and centers around the individual. Authenticity is what gives your executive team the power, confidence, and skill to be nimble and pivot quickly in these ever-changing times. By having the real (and raw) conversations, your employees (from directors to admins) will feel seen, heard and appreciated. The foundation of your company will change, and antiquated modes of operation will die - freeing you up for faster, limitless results.

However, this type of growth requires authenticity and authenticity requires a strategy, dedication, and a permanent seat at the C-table.

When you invest in a Chief Authenticity Officer, you’re investing in the ultimate heart and soul of your brand, ensuring that the most important revenue drivers (your people) are thriving both in and out of the office.