Client Spotlight: Conquer Imposter Syndrome

In this edition of “Client Spotlight”, we’re featuring my client Steve, who owns and runs a Managed Technology Services company.

It’s been such an honor to be a part of his personal and professional evolution.  He’s experienced tremendous growth and openly shares his experience, insights and wisdom.  Truly an authentic leader.

Please provide some background on who you are and what you do (you’re welcome to use a different first name if you’d like (I don’t include last name unless you want me to):

I am Steve.  I am a jack of all trades by nature, but a business owner, entrepreneur, and engineer by trade.

What does spirituality mean to you?

If you had asked me 1 year ago, I would have just listed off a specific religion as I didn’t really fully understand the difference. However, as my journey for growth has been evolving, Spirituality to me has taken on an entirely different form and meaning.

Life is complex, thought is complex, and applying a meaning to something that has no true structure except to me is almost impossible for my analytical mind. I end up dwelling on the meaning of life, and to do this, I’m going to have to go with Douglas Adams on this and say “42”.  While we do want the answers to life, the universe, and everything, finding the right questions happens to be more important. 

And how does spirituality relate to authenticity?

You would be doing a disservice not only to yourself but also to others to not be authentic. I’ve found that sometimes, by being authentic, it can be really scary because you start to reveal your true self, not only to others but more specifically to yourself. As you lean into your authenticity, it also starts to get rid of the fluff, allowing your spirituality to blossom. 

In what ways has embracing your spirituality impacted your life?

I’ve noticed that spirituality has impacted my life greatly in 2 different ways. 

The first has been in finding Inner Peace. While that’s more of a lifelong pursuit, I’m always trying. 

The second is looking through the lens of scale, things that might seem like a big deal when zoomed in are not when zoomed out. The regular application of this in personal and business manners has greatly changed how I approach things.

How has spirituality fueled your business success?

Recognizing that there are different scales at which to work on things that will produce different results at each level. 

While it’s great to focus on the big picture to affect big change, details at every level are equally important to have a holistic outcome.

In what ways does living in your authentic truth influence how you lead others?

It’s helped me communicate much better.  Being authentic means I can speak those hard truths, come from a deeper place, and build respect on both sides. 

Please share one example where you’ve shifted out of fear and into faith.

Fear of failing or fear of the unknown has always been difficult for me. I’m an engineer, I need to be calculated, and know the results before I start on them…. but that isn’t realistic with all things in life.

In business, new opportunities knock at my door many times a day. When I first started, I was always scared to not take absolutely every opportunity, but as I’ve learned over time, I need to be more calculated and ensure that the opportunities I’m facing are good for my direction, not just any ol’ opportunity. 

In what ways has spirituality helped to create possibilities in your life, personally and professionally?

The biggest thing was stepping back, taking a look at everything, seeing where it is, where I want it to go, and then re-approach everything with the updated mindset, then realize what needs to be done again and re-assess.

As a result of embarking on your spiritual journey, what do you notice more of in your life, and what do you notice less of?

One thing I’ve noticed was an increase in the value of my self worth.  I had been struggling with imposter syndrome for years in business, but in realizing my self worth, I’ve been able to speak from a place of authenticity and with more authority as I’m not devaluing myself. 

What is one piece of spiritual wisdom that you’d like to share with other business leaders?

Never underestimate the power of taking a step back, focusing on your breathing, and reassessing a situation.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your experience.

I’m so proud of you.  So excited to build on everything you’ve accomplished.  The best is yet to come.