Inner Peace is the New Wealthy

Another year has come and gone.

2023 was a tough one for many people on many fronts.

If you’re feeling exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed, or frustrated, rest assured you aren’t alone.

The peaks and valleys were amplified this year, and I know many people struggled to find the equilibrium and flow that usually comes so easily.

Things aren’t moving as fast as people would like, and people are called to have patience to unprecedented degrees.

I felt the heaviness more than usual, and I had to discover new ways of staving off being overwhelmed and finding creative ways to keep the momentum going.

During the last quarter of 2023, I doubled down on my alignment even more and made it my priority to slow down and do less.

It’s such a paradox – that doing less will lead to attracting more, isn’t it?

But how is that possible?

Well, your internal condition drives everything.

When living under stress and overwhelm, you’re creatively and productively stifled, and you literally pinch yourself off operating at your true potential.

When you tend to your internal condition and prioritize feeling peaceful inside, you emanate a high vibration.

And when you broadcast that high vibration out into the world, the world reflects that back to you.

In the way of perfect timing.  Things falling in your lap.  Intuitive guidance.  Clarity.  Confidence.  Assuredness.  Lightness.  Fun.  Ease.  Abundance.  Creative bursts.  New business.  Unsolicited referrals.  

When your nervous system is settled, and your mind is calm, you’re open to receiving.

But you can’t open yourself to receiving unless you feel better on the inside.

Some people say, “I’ll be happy after I get the job.  Or the funding.  Or the spouse.  Or the car.  Or whatever.”

But the answer to attain whatever you want is the same – feel better now.

Commit to prioritizing inner peace.

When you prioritize inner peace and make spiritually aligned choices that move you forward, you will attract in new and limitless ways.

The wealth will come.  You don’t need to focus on it.

The universe wants you to experience ridiculous abundance, and it’s all right here for you, waiting for you to do the work and claim it.

Make peace with where you are.  Close the gap and accept whatever season you’re in, even if it’s not where you want to be or thought you’d be.

Understand that this season is studded with lessons to dig deeper and look within so you can evolve, grow, and position yourself to spring into the next season with more momentum and connectedness than you ever thought possible.

I’m always here, ready to dive in and help you personally and professionally.  When you’re even the slightest bit willing, reach out and let’s explore how working together will benefit you.

Thank you for being a part of my 2023, and I look forward to making 2024 even more impactful and, of course, fun.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful New Year’s celebration.