Stop Consuming, Start CREATING

No doubt about it, we live in a consumer culture.

We consume Netflix.  We consume social media.  We consume things that give us a quick hit, that instant gratification.  We consume other people’s opinions of us.  We consume stuff, much of which only spikes our happiness for a nanosecond.  We consume entertainment that helps us avoid our reality.  We consume messaging that programs us to experience life in a certain way.

Our culture isn’t exactly set up to support and promote creating, and if we’re not careful and intentional, we end up doing what the masses are doing – consuming.

Understand this – We become what we consume.

Vibrationally speaking, our energy field is a blend of everything we take in – the people around us, the food we eat, the quality of information.  It all affects our point of attraction – where we magnetize things into our lives.  The goal is to always, always keep the point of attraction high.

Leaders weren’t put on this earth to consume.  They’re the creators.  The change-makers.  The pioneers.

And creativity is a well that never runs dry.  There are no limits on what you can create.

I’ve always had a natural bent toward creating.  There’s always been a draw toward creative endeavors for me, mainly because they fill me up and make me feel long before I even made the connection.

I love music, writing, cooking, baking, photography, decorating, painting, to name a few.  Sometimes, the creating gets a little out of control, and I need to rein myself in (No, Pam, you don’t need to start making homemade cinnamon rolls at 10 p.m.  Go to sleep.)

People always say, “Watch this show, watch this sitcom.”  And I think to myself, “I totally would if I watched TV, but that’s not what I’m drawn to do in my free time.”

I mean, yeah, occasionally I’ll watch a movie, but by and large, I’m not really interested in being entertained by taking in someone else’s reality.  I want to put my energy into creating my own.

If I watch an occasional movie or a show, it’s mainly about the snacks and kicking back in a cozy atmosphere with people I love.

There’s no way to avoid consumption altogether, and I’m not making an argument against it.  The point is to become conscious of what you’re consuming, know WHY you’re consuming it, and in what ways the consuming of it benefits you.

So this week, I’ll leave you with this thought.

Get into the practice of asking yourself if you’re consuming or if you’re creating.

Say to yourself, “Am I consuming, or am I creating?”

What’s one small thing you feel inspired to create this week?

Awareness is always the first step.

I’d love to help you take your creativity to new heights.  You will become energized in a way you haven’t before, and it will translate to your business success, no question.

Reach out, and we’ll chat.