Episode 49: Living Your Life with Gratitude with Georgian Benta

What does it mean to be grateful? What does the word “gratitude” mean to you? Today’s guest, Georgian Benta has based his life around the idea of gratitude and how it allows you to be more positive, uplifted and free.  Georgian is the host of the “Gratitude Podcast”, in which he guides listeners from all … Read more

Episode 47: Humanizing Your Professional Brand with Joshua B. Lee

   How do you step into living in an authentic space, not just in your personal life, but in your professional life too? There is more to living authentically than just “being yourself”. Living authentically comes from hard work, appreciation and perhaps most importantly, building relationships. Entrepreneur, business owner, coach and author Joshua B. … Read more

Episode 46: Reconnecting to Your Authentic Voice with Sydney Weiss

 Coping with pain and discomfort is difficult for anyone. How do we see the positive aspects of overwhelming situations? How can we be kinder to ourselves and allow ourselves to grow? Podcast host and joy-seeking expert, Sydney Weiss, says you have to start before you’re ready.  For the past few years, Sydney has been … Read more

Episode 45: Discovering the Power of Choice and Love with Farooq Shah

 We all go through challenging and traumatic experiences in our lives. How do we establish a belief system to get through those challenges? Is it worth the pain and suffering to accomplish your goals? Author, thought leader and spiritual teacher, Farooq Shah says it is absolutely worth it. Farooq’s life has been riddled with … Read more

Episode 44: Healing the Spiritually Sick Soul with Dan Reeves

Recovery from addiction is a difficult journey no matter the circumstances. Not only does addiction impact the person suffering from it, but also those around them. What many do not realize is that trauma and addiction affect more than your physical self, but also your spiritual self. Today’s podcast guest, Dan Reeves, discusses how his … Read more

Episode 43: Becoming a Divorce Recovery Specialist with Wendy Sterling

The pain can be overwhelming for those who are going through the grief-like process of divorce. Going through that transition into independence and happiness is difficult to overcome no matter the circumstances. Today’s guest knows all about that painful process and provides a way for those in need to get through it and transform into … Read more

Episode 42: From Divorce Lawyer to Spiritual Healer with Debra Stangl

Finding the right path is the most daunting task in our lives. Life is full of transformations and challenges that serve to push you in the right direction. Spiritual healer and author Debra Stangl knows about transformation all too well. Debra is the founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, a spiritual healing practice based in Arizona. … Read more