Episode 114: Generate Joy – With Michele Finn

Episode 114 of the Live Authentically podcast features Michele Finn, an aromatherapist and personal wellness coach. She is also the owner of Jubilee of Wellness, a health and wellness store.

Finn begins the episode by explaining how she lives authentically each day. She says she aims to bring joy in every way that she can. Joy was not always the prominent emotion for her growing up. 

In this episode, Finn speaks about how her father passed away when she was young. She also talks about how drug abuse was an issue for some of her family members. “I grew up kind of close to things that I wouldn’t want my kids growing up next to,” Finn said.

Finn reminds us of how changing course is not always the easiest decision, but it can definitely be the right one for you. She reflects on her younger years of partying with the wrong crowd and how she transitioned from that path to the one she is on now. Finn wanted to find peace, so she found new friends, an apartment and a job.

She says if she stayed on that path, she wouldn’t have the life she has now. Six months after she left that lifestyle, someone she used to date came back into her life. Six months after that, they were married. They have three children. And now Finn is a business owner, something she never expected herself to do.

“I knew I was a joyful person, and when you’re not living in your authentic heart, when you’re not being yourself and you’re being led astray from what your heart sees as true and clear, then life feels heavy,” Finn said.

Finn also speaks about how living her own life came with letting parts of her past be behind her. She talks about the importance of having boundaries once you have come into being who you are meant to be. She doesn’t let certain family members come around her kids, preferring to keep things as normal as possible for her family.

“My kids don’t have to go to sleep worrying the way I did about what the adults were doing,” Finn said. “I was able to break the chains of trauma and live my own life.”

You can learn more about Michele Finn, including how she broke out into her business, by listening to Episode 114: Generate Joy with Michele Finn of the Live Authentically Podcast. Or visit her website to browse the different kinds of essential and CBD oils she sells.