I’m Just Tryin’ to Stay Out of AA

Well I’m not, but country singer Walker Hayes is.

And he sings about it openly in one of his recent smash hits,  “AA.”  

In it he pairs the catchy, light-hearted, sing-along style riff with a somber topic: his struggles with alcoholism, striking the perfect blend to bring such taboo topics onto center stage.

And the award for Topic of the Week goes to…Addictions.

Let me first just say I truly admire anyone who’s willing to share their stories of pain and struggle openly with others. 

That’s authenticity at its finest.

Addictions come in many forms: Anxiety.  Depression.  Drug use. Alcoholism.  Sex addiction.  Gambling. Social media addiction. And others. 

I realize we’re talking some pretty sensitive and personal topics, but this stuff really needs to be destigmatized and brought out in the open. 

With the stresses that come with entrepreneurship, high-responsibility positions, all while trying to enjoy life along the way, is it any wonder that addictions are so prevalent?

And what’s more, many executives I work with feel they need to compartmentalize their lives and conceal their personal struggles, addiction-based or not, so that they can show up as the “fearless leader” they’re “supposed to be.”  Talk about pressure.

Without healthy coping mechanisms anchored on deep self-worth, it’s easy to fall back on the familiar go-to approaches of yesterday.  What’s just one more day?

Well let me tell you.

It’s yet one more day that life isn’t being lived. Really lived. It’s one more day of not experiencing life at the depths available to you. It’s one more day that you’re pinching yourself off from everything you truly want. 

You have the power to heal yourself. Actually, way more than you realize.

We live in a culture that conditions us to look outside of ourselves for answers.  And while we’re blessed to have many resources available to us, sometimes we can become over-reliant on others to heal us.  

In actuality, it’s an inside job.

What mainstream culture doesn’t do is empower us to take full agency of our own well-being by tapping into our innate power.

The first step there is finding your worth.  Really, truly, believing that you’re deserving of the best this world has to offer.

You have to value yourself enough to say “I want better.”  I’m making different choices.  I’m prioritizing myself.

You already have what you need within you.

At Live Authentically, this is what we do.  We help you find your answers deep within, so you can heal yourself.

I am not your healer. YOU are your healer.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith, and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you and replace it with things that do?

I’d be honored to help you.  Grab a time here and we’ll start this journey together.

I believe in you.