Episode 111: Chew The Fat – With Udo Erasmus (Part 2)

Episode 111 of Live Authentically is part two with Udo Erasmus. Erasmus is a health and wellness pioneer who discovered flax oil. The author of “Fats that heal, fats that kill,” Erasmus’s message on how to achieve perfect health has impacted over 10 million lives.

In the first podcast with Erasmus, he goes over how to practice awareness and be present in the world while discussing the philosophy behind personal choices, freedom and world peace. In this second part of the episode, Erasmus covers his health products, fats and oils.

The podcast starts with how Erasmus believes low-fat diets are bad for the body and the skin. He talks about how the body needs those fats and oils to survive. Signs you’re not eating enough fat are dry skin and lower energy.

He transitions into how knowing this information gave him the inspiration to “create oils with health in mind, instead of shelf life,” he said. Erasmus says that many of the oils you see on the shelf contain damaged molecules from the extra additives put in them. He explains how this can be detrimental to your health in the future.

Erasmus goes over how you can use his oils to get soft, smooth skin. He recommends using a tablespoon of his oils per 50 pounds of body weight per day. Erasmus stresses that you should never fry it. “If you fry the oil, the oil will fry your health,” he said. Instead, add the oil to vegetables, meats or other foods after cooking it.

Besides using his oils, Erasmus says people should incorporate seeds and nuts, in general, into their diets, because this is where much of the omega-6 fatty acids our bodies need come from. He states that it is healthier to get your omega-6 from seeds and nuts directly than from the oils on the shelf. Erasmus also recommends other food choices such as berries for getting enough omega-3 fatty acids.

For those who are looking to shift into healthier eating, Erasmus points to fats as being “the issue that is most neglected and causes the most problems.” He says that damaged oils cause most health problems more than any other area of nutrition. The health benefits your body needs come from shifting into using the proper oils and fats it needs.

Erasmus also says that digestion is another factor people need to consider when eating healthy. “Having a strong digestive system is more conducive to survival and thriving than having a smart brain,” he said. 

People should add raw foods or oils to their diets to replenish the healthy enzymes that are eliminated when food is cooked. They should also add probiotics to keep the good bacteria working in their gut.

You can find Erasmus’s oils, Udo’s Choice, in many natural health food stores. In addition, you can also buy it on Amazon and on Udo’s website.