Episode 109: The First and Last Thing We Do… – With Reis Paluso

Live Authentically is back, this time with Reis Paluso, a surfer, husband and father of two young girls. He is a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Breathe Collective, who found himself searching for a way to balance life. Through that search, he found himself in a deep exploration of the Wim Hof Method, traveling the world while scaling mountains along the way. 

This episode with Ries begins with our standard question– the one that matters. When Pam asks Reis, “How do you live authentically?”. 

To best answer that question, Reis starts us off with a walkthrough of the typical start to his day. Telling us about the breathwork that he does and all the other ways that he stays in touch with himself– and with his current state of being. Including inviting himself to participate in doses of stress, such as an ice bath or cold shower.

He says that in doing so, he gives himself “space” to work with throughout the rest of the day. 

That leads Pam to her next question, “Who is breathwork for?” to that Reis has a simple yet insightful response– “Breathwork is for Everyone.”

He goes on to say that “Our breath is the first thing that we do when we come into this world, and it’s the last thing that we do when we leave our bodies.” He explains his stance and gives many insights as to why breathwork is, in fact, for everyone– even for those that do not think so. 

Later, midway through the podcast, Pam asks Reis about his business. 

He discusses the origins of The Breathe Collective– that he founded with his good friends after they were all doing workshops and retreats separately. He goes on to explain his intentions behind founding The Breathe Collective and the gap in help for many people when it comes to breathing work. 

After many other insightful discussions, Pam and Reis begin to wrap up this episode of Live Authentically with a conversation about seemingly simple things that can lead to climbing mountains in the future– ice baths. Reis stands firm on his belief that ice baths are a cornerstone of his routine and maintaining balance in his life.

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