Episode 110: Overcome Overthinking Through Immersion – With Paul Zonneveld

On episode 110 of the Live Authentically podcast, Pam is accompanied by Paul Zonneveld. He is an international leadership consultant based out of Amsterdam. Paul guides many leaders, business professionals and whole organizations in growth, change and transformation processes. 

Paul and Pam begin this episode of the podcast– the right way– with the question, “How do you live authentically?” 

To that question, Paul tells us how he strives to live authentically by being as present as possible, in every moment of every day. He says that it is about embracing whatever comes his way– whether that be a very good mood or something on the other side of the spectrum.

Paul tells us that when he finds himself in a mood less than ideal, he tries to find the source or cause of it, which is enormously aided by being entirely open and honest with himself– something that he heavily encourages for everyone.  

After more questions about exactly how Paul got on the path of self-improvement and understanding himself, we move on to a more in-depth discussion about the journey that led Paul to where he is today. 

A part of that discussion brings us to the topic of family systems– specifically how investigating your own family can lead to insight into yourself and what the next more you should make is. 

Midway through the episode– Paul gives us some real-life examples of times that he has helped give people the perspective they need to see beyond a specific symptom or problem. These examples can give us new insight into how we view our own problems, and perhaps, they may help us zoom out with some perspective. 

However, these examples aren’t just individual specific. Paul continues to give examples of how organizations can benefit as well. 

Concluding our podcast, Pam and Paul talk about some of the “tricks of the trade” that Paul uses to help people get out of a circle of constantly overthinking. Those tricks range from first, accepting that your mind is racing and you’re overthinking, then all the way to feeling the warmth in your bed. 

If you’re interested in learning more words of wisdom from Paul, you can visit his website here. Or you can attend his informative celebration of 20 years working as an independent executive coach in Amsterdam on April 21- 22.