Episode 106: Practice Awareness – With Udo Erasmus (Part 1)

Episode 106: Live Authentically is here with Udo Erasmus, a health and wellness pioneer. He discovered flax oil and is the author of “Fats that heal, fats that kill.” Erasmus has impacted over 10 million lives by delivering his message on how to achieve perfect health.

The episode begins with Erasmus discussing how he practices awareness and being present in your life each morning. He jokingly said he “checks in to see if I’m still there because if I’m not there, there’s no point in getting up.” 

He explains how heartache brings us back to ourselves, to life and to awareness, and that it is always a work in progress. We must constantly fight to come back to ourselves in deep reflection throughout our life. We must think before we act.

Erasmus also focuses on the importance of life’s choices. He talks about how life is a balance of chaos outside of us and stability within us, and that within us, we can choose. He believes that choice is the definition of peace and gives us freedom. However, he said, “there is no freedom without responsibility.” 

The interview moves into how Erasmus could design a framework to achieve world peace. Erasmus states that it is fundamentally an individual project based on the way we choose to behave, live and think. He says that when we are in an internal state of peace, we have no reason to harm. “You can’t build a world of peace from conflict in your mind,” Erasmus said. 

He explains that we have to find a way back to ourselves, a way back to home and to find our inner peace. We have to get inside of stillness and deep into the darkness that surfaces as we close our eyes to find the light.

Erasmus continues the interview with a conversation about how we should aim to be and experience life like the masters and great teachers of the world such as Buddha and Jesus Christ. He states that these masters only had one law, and that law is love.

The interview ends with a discussion on how often people are “human doings,” not human beings. Erasmus stresses how we think that we get our fulfillment from doing, but that’s not the case. We get our fulfillment from being.

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