Episode 3: Faith And The Real Self: Thoughts On Authenticity and Self-Actualization With Isabel Hundt

Our conversation begins with Isabel defining what it means to be authentic, serve others and serve yourself in a balanced way. She emphasizes you must begin by choosing to approach everything in your life from a place of love and understanding. Making that choice can be difficult, but it pays massive dividends over time with practice.

Continuing our discussion of faith-driven success, Isabel details how she establishes the necessary mindset. Normally she starts with 30-45 minutes of meditation to clear her mind, read her emotional state, and begin activating the trust, love and compassion she wants to share with every person to be fully authentic in her own life.

This is far from a once and done activity, though. Isabel says even with regular practice, she still must recenter herself throughout the day. Every two or three hours, she does an emotional self-check to determine her own needs. Sometimes it’s a nap, maybe a quick run up and down the stairs for a few minutes, or just a brief time to be self-aware of how her thoughts and feelings are affecting her day.

She calls these little breaks her “barometers” because it’s how she measures her emotional state and self-awareness. Isabel describes a few practices and techniques she uses, including assessing your nutritional needs effect on your emotional state, keeping a journal of your emotional state throughout the day for a few weeks, monitoring triggers, finding your new emotional normal, and expanding your understanding and awareness of how your body communicates with you. Through these practices, we discover purpose

Finally, Isabel and I talk about her journey to success through faith and authenticity. Born and raised in Germany, Isabel came to the U.S. as a nanny at age eighteen. There was a significant culture shock, and she found it difficult to fit in while living in the U.S. due to drastic cultural differences compared to her upbringing in Europe. She returned to Germany for a while, then moved back to the U.S. to try again. As with her first journey to the States, she found assimilating to be difficult and sought acknowledgment and validation from others.

Isabel studied and practiced her own faith-driven success methods, eventually becoming certified as a coach. She is in the process of filming a documentary on her transformational coaching, as well as working on a companion book to compliment the film.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Isabel Hundt, and she has useful advice and methods for getting your life back on track through faith and practicing an authentic life daily. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to Isabel on email or visit Isabel’s website. Find her on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next time. To join Pamela’s community of like-minded individuals, visit www.liveauthencially.today/fb. Learn ways to change to a healthier lifestyle by listening to other episodes of the Live Authentically Podcast with Pamela Savino!