Episode 2: The Power in Plants – Fueling the Body to Function at Its Best with Dave Choi

Now more than ever, people are focused on overall health and wellness, much of which begins with the type of food we consume. We’ve been bred to follow the ever-popular food pyramid, which categorizes the type of food, and quantity, recommended to us for daily consumption by the Food and Drug Administration, for optimal health. Unfortunately, recent studies are beginning to prove this approach to daily consumption is wrong.

To better understand this logic, we’ve asked Dave Choi, a plant-based chef and Founder of Just Be Meditation, to help us better understand the power of plants, and what that means to our overall health and wellness.

Living Unconsciously Vs. Consciously

When we live unconsciously, we are not being mindful of what we are consuming from a physical, mental, and emotional point of view. This can be incredibly dangerous, as the long-term implications of these choices have since proven to be the catalyst of many unforgiving diseases and illnesses. When we begin to live consciously, we become more aware and mindful of what we are consuming, when we are consuming it, how frequently. As a result, we give thanks for the ability to consume such gifts from the earth.

The Power in Plants

Following his cancer diagnosis in 2012, D Anthony Evans was given six months to live. Fast forward to 2019, and D Anthony is better than alive and well. He’s become one of the most influential spokespersons and advocates for a plant-based diet and lifestyle, as it not only saved his life but cured him from what he was told to be terminal cancer.

With all of the advancements in technology, science, and within the healthcare field, there now are published studies providing evidence that a plant-based diet yields a significantly longer lifespan, over those that consume foods that increase inflammation and cause issues with digestion.

Mr. Choi challenges us to a simple 3-day challenge. He considers this exercise to be a quick and easy digestive reset. What’s required? Eat foods that are plant-based and can be served in their most natural form. No salt, pepper, or spices traditionally used to help conceal the natural flavor of the food. Just try it for three days, and if you are able to make it that long, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that those three days begin to multiply, leading to a true lifestyle overhaul that may just save your life.

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