Episode 1: Authenticity Requires Real Action – Becoming Your Biggest Fan With Rachel Strong

There are literally thousands of motivational speakers, influencers, coaches, mentors, and advocates out there promoting how their unique approach to self-care is the key to unlocking “your authentic, best self.” The promise of self-identification and advocacy is achievable, but not without a significant investment, traditionally funded by you.

Join Pam Savino, as she welcomes her first podcast guest, Rachel Strong, as they dive into what it means to live authentically every day and how to anchor yourself along the way.

The “Just Be You” Life Model

“Just be who you are!” A simple, yet empowering statement from Rachel Strong, a self-awareness advocate and mentor. Rachel is the first of many guests that will be featured on the Pam Savino podcast, scheduled to air later this month. The podcast will welcome some of the most respected professionals in the industry, including those that have experienced firsthand, the lifelong benefits of investing in their personal self-advocacy journey.

It’s Okay to Ask Questions

How many times have you been reading or listening to an article, podcast, blog, or some other type of noteworthy source, only to find yourself needing to ask some type of clarifying question? It happens to the best of us, but how many of us actually have the confidence to raise our hand and ask? Living authentically means we have to dive into ourselves, understand our insecurities, and find ways to build our confidence in who we are, what we believe, and how we intend to execute our life path. Questions aren’t the concern. It’s the truth that some may not be fully ready for.

Get Ready and Begin

If you are tired of feeling down, tired of being tired and exhausted from getting the run around as it relates to your overall health and well-being, then this podcast is just what you need. Sometimes all it takes is some life perspective, and a large dose of someone’s reality, to give us the motivation to dig into ourselves and better prepare and plan what our unique journey and path forward needs to be, including who will be needed to ensure we achieve it.

Resources and Help

No one ever promised that life would be a simple walk in the park. In fact, it’s anything but. You can find comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone in this walk, in this journey. People just like Rachel Strong are speaking up and reaching out to give their perspective and share their experiences and journeys in hopes of paving a clearer path for you and those that follow.

Jumpstart your journey by reaching out to Rachel at rachel@bmeweb.com, or visit www.facebook.com/RachelStrong181 to see for yourself how powerful it is when you unlock your true self. Find out more about how Pamela lives authentically at www.liveauthencially.today/fb. Learn ways to change how you live by listening to other episodes of the Live Authentically Podcast with Pamela Savino!