Episode 4: Finding Spirituality with Humor with Kyle Lipton

Kyle Lipton helps individuals find spirituality by using humor as a guide for their journey. The journey in life is to find your true self. Your true self starts to show when you begin to learn to trust yourself.

Connecting to Your True Self

Beginning the connection to your true self occurs when you decide to do things for yourself and not follow others. As you progress through your journey, you start identifying the things that make you happy and feel like you. The decisions do not have any outside influence.

Making the Connection

There are many methods to making the connection with your spirituality. You must discover your true self through:

  • The use of meditation to release the perceptions of others.
  • Contemplate the real you.
  • Look for things that inspire you.
  • Nurture the spark for improvement.
  • Love what you do.

Once you realize what you want, you just need to find the path that is right for you. Some of these paths may include:

  • Accepting both the good and bad outcomes of a situation.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Coaching or mentoring.
  • Working through fears.

Applying Humor

The application of humor in finding your spirituality helps in various ways. First, humor will help others to let their guard down. When your guard is down, you become more open to new ideas. Second, humor can allow a person to see a situation from a different perspective. Showing a person the situation in a comic setting can provide the chance to laugh and realize other possible outcomes.

Humor can also help bridge gaps in potentially awkward situations. The humor breaks the ice and gives people the chance to openly laugh and discuss the situation.

Providing Life Advice

As you progress through life’s journey remember your happiness and inner peace depends on you. If you live your life doing things others tell you, you are neglecting your true self. You need to live your life for you and laugh along the way. Taking things too seriously can cause you to lose your path.

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