Episode 5: Free to Thrive: How to Embrace Your True Identity and Harness Energy with Lacresha Simpson

Today, Lacresha Simpson shares what it means to have more energy and how to get it. Lacresha is a high performance coach for female leaders. Her perspective on what it means to live authentically is “… being able to show up as yourself confidently and know that everything is ok and everything is safe to be yourself.” You need to feel safe enough in who you are to feel joyous every day.

Recognizing What Blocks Natural Energy

We should focus on gaining energy from a spiritual perspective. We have to learn to relax both the mind and body. She started her journey by embracing physical fitness, but still struggled to be herself. This led to mind-work with meditation to unblock spiritual challenges.

For her, it was releasing masculinity. She realized that you don’t have to show up as very masculine in the world to be successful or safe. She also recognizes that childhood trauma influences how you operate as an adult. “A lot of where you start off with, emotionally, as a child carries through with you forever.” We have to discover the emotional wounds that are blocking our emotional growth.

As women, we need to learn to do boundaries better. Women are taking on way too much. We need to learn to say “no.” Setting boundaries allows us to use our energy to do the things we want to do rather than people-pleasing.

Identifying Masculine and Feminine Characteristics

If we can identify and recognize the divine masculine and feminine characteristics, we can harness the traits that are natural to us. For example, someone with a masculine orientation tends to be a go-getter with a lot of energy. He or she focuses on data/metrics, logic and helping as many people as possible. Seeing results from execution drives their energy, so it’s important to check in with daily accomplishments.

A feminine orientation relies more on creativity for energy. They tend to go with the flow and don’t like creative restrictions. They need a lot of nature to stimulate creativity. Intuition drives decisions more than logic and metrics.

Harnessing Your Natural Energy

Lacresha explains that the first step in tapping into your energy is relaxing the body and nervous system. Learn some basic breathing techniques like the 5-5-5 method, as well as how to relax both sides of the brain. Meditation allows the brain to relax while the body is alert. Start with guided meditation if you aren’t sure how. Then you can move into hypnosis to discover where blocks are.

Lacresha’s new book, Self Care Hustle, is coming out next spring. In it, she explores what stress actually is. She discusses self-care practices to deal with it at four different levels. As she continues to build her legacy of freedom, she encourages everyone to use their core gifts more and more. You can connect with Lacresha via email or Instagram. To join Pamela’s community of like-minded individuals, visit www.liveauthencially.today/fb. Learn ways to change to a healthier lifestyle by listening to other episodes of the Live Authentically Podcast with Pamela Savino!