Episode 7: Going From Invisible to Impactful with Juliette Stapleton


My conversation with Juliette starts out with a discussion of what she’s all about: self-appreciation, living in the moment, and connecting with the people and creatures who share in your life. This is a theme she continues to expand on throughout the episode.  She puts special focus on self-awareness, trusting intuition and deciding your own destiny.

About her Life:

We move on to talking more about her life, and Juliette opens up about her thoughts and feelings in her 30s. Life felt out of control, and she didn’t feel as though she was in charge of the direction her life was taking. She goes on to say that someone  else was setting the agenda for her life.  Juliette came to this realization when she lost her job and her income. She found herself going door-to-door to offer help with building Facebook pages.  Juliette explains this is when she felt she had reached a true low point in her life.

The Conscious Choice

Even in these difficult circumstances, Juliette made the  choice to take action in spite of her fear of everything in her life coming apart. The core component for her was establishing an unshakeable belief that things had to be better.  Juliette also believed that everything would work and that the life she dreamed of was within her reach. She turned inward with meditation and deep breathing exercises. Her objective? To tap into her intuition and trust that growing feeling that everything would work out in the end.

In Conclusion

Our talk concluded with a discussion of her techniques and practices that have proven most effective for her and her clients. Establishing “good vibes energy”, changing perceptions of online visibility, and embracing the lessons that your fears have to teach you feature prominently. I learned a great deal from my talk with Juliette Stapleton, and I hope you find what she has to offer just as useful. You can connect with Julia at her website, Juliette Stapleton – The Queen of Visibility, or find her at her facebook profile or facebook group.

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