Episode 8 : Finding Peace, Harmony and Wholeness with Angela Papay


One thing is very clear from the start of my talk with Angela: she is all about balance in body, mind and spirit. Through personal struggles growing up and into early adulthood, Angela learned three important principles essential to living your life: know and be yourself, change your mind when things don’t feel right, and check in with yourself to learn more about yourself regularly.

We also talked a good deal about the importance of relating to others rather than comparing experiences. Personal development must come from a  place of shared understanding and empathy, so her coaching puts significant emphasis on this concept. Angela recommends therapy and simply talking about experiences with others as the best means to developing your ability to empathize. She does offer a caveat, though: it’s important to be cautious about who you open up to, as they may not relate to your specific experience with one of their own.

Transitioning from empathy, we discuss the difference between harmony and balance. Angela views the work-life balance as an unattainable standard that many desperately attempt to achieve, and who suffer when they find it is impossible. Instead, she encourages clients to seek harmony between their work and personal lives via the PATCH method. The first step on the path to harmony is Planning: start determining what you want and how to get there with tangible goals.

Next, you need to practice Awareness: focus on finding the authentic you, and try to isolate the time of day when you have the most energy. As a part of developing greater awareness, you also need to make time to engage in Thankfulness for the many gifts and blessing you already have. Capture is the next step, and that is committing all your awareness and gratitude to paper in the form of lists. Last but not least, Honoring is the final phase of the PATCH method: take time to accept and celebrate where you’re at right now. Even the little victories in the right direction are worth celebrating.

Angela was a true delight to speak with, and I hope you get as much out of our conversation as I have. Remember to like, comment and share! You can reach Angela via email, through Facebook or by going to her website here.  See you next time!