Episode 9: The Connections Between Travel and Spirituality with Lori Erickson


Lori Erickson is our latest guest on the Live Authentically Show.  She is here to talk about her experiences with the connections between travel and spirituality.

She is a travel writer who specializes in spiritual journeys. Her most recent book is titled, Near the Exit: Travels with the Not-So-Grim Reaper.  You can purchase it on Amazon.

Lori believes that it’s important to listen to your inner voice in order to live your authentic life. She finds that spiritual travel to sacred places grants access to this inner voice to tap into the deeper wells of spirit and energy that she wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Travel and spirituality go hand in hand.  Lori finds that visiting holy places draws a certain stillness that helps her be open to the experiences. visiting sacred places allow for an opportunity for reflection. Lori also studies ways to integrate morality into the human experience, and turned to travel to learn more about morality.

In Addition:

Lori finds value in traditions such as the Mexican practice, the Day of the Dead, to help treasure life more. She experienced a major mindset shift that changed her fear of dying after reading the Buddhist book, Grace in Dying, by Kathleen Dowling Singh.  Lori’s next book is going to focus on the soul of the family tree, ancestors and the popularity of taking a DNA test. Her view is that people are a product of generations of spiritual and cultural forces, rather than just being an individual. In terms of healing modalities for overcoming trauma and accepting death, Lori recommends a spiritual sense therapist.

A solid belief system is important to Lori, and she followed different paths at different times in her own life. She is drawn to the mystical paths that are available in a variety of different religious traditions. These traditions provide a sense of community and act as a support system.


Lori has had to face challenges in her work as an author that she has worked to overcome. It’s difficult to get your voice to stand out as an author,  due to the amount of free information that is available on the internet.

She plans to take a trip out to the Serpent Mound in Ohio for her next spiritual destination.

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 You can contact Lori by visiting her website to find more of her works.  You may also follow her Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date or get in touch with her through email.

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