Choose Today To Turn Your “Somedays” Into “Todays”

This past Friday, on the way home from picking my son up from hockey, we were having a typical, light-hearted conversation, until we both noticed something further up the road.

We saw a few clusters of cars that were pulled over to the side of the road, and as we got closer, we saw a pedestrian had been hit by a car. Energetically, I could tell that his spirit had left his body, and silently prayed for his smooth transition back into the spirit realm.

This person was en-route to a destination, and somebody, somewhere, was awaiting his arrival.

Somebody, somewhere, had future plans with him the next day.

Somebody, somewhere, had plans with him next week. And well into the future.

Instead of enjoying these events as planned, his friends and family would mourn his passing.

It was a harsh reminder of how life is so fragile. We all probably have a tale to tell along these lines…that one unexpected phone call  or that one moment our lives are continuing as usual and the next, our worlds get turned upside down.

All I could think about is, that could have been any one of us. None of us are exempt from unexpected tragedies.

Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed.

We only have a limited number of days on this earth. Sobering as it may be, it’s reality. This, my friends, is why we need to start doing our life, our way, today.

Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, don’t wait. Choose Today.

Take the class. Book the trip. Throw the party. Don’t wait for special occasions…every day is a special occasion.

Choose today to start turning your “somedays” into “todays.” I’d love to hear from you. What’s on your “someday” list that you’re going to start turning into a “today?”

This week is a perfect time to start turning your “somedays” into “todays.”