4 Powerful Keys to Living Life on Your Terms

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are drifting through this life in an unconscious reality, subscribing to socially-accepted norms and following a path that attempts to fulfill expectations placed upon us. It often isn’t until a life-changing event occurs that we are prompted to assess how we are living and may contemplate making changes, … Read more

How To Keep Your Pitcher Full

You all have responsibilities, and a lot of them. It’s so easy to spread yourself thin as you tend to family obligations, work responsibilities, errands, your homes, your cars, and several other mandatory activities that are required to keep your lives running smoothly. That is why you need to find out how to keep your … Read more

Happy New Year!!

Pair the word “new” with just about anything and you totally have my attention….NEW year. NEW week. NEW idea. NEW opportunity. NEW friend. NEW vision. NEW chapter. NEW baby. NEW puppy.  NEW York City (just had to…that’s where I am as I write this!!). I spent so many years fearing and avoiding change. After following … Read more

Episode 4: Finding Spirituality with Humor with Kyle Lipton

Kyle Lipton helps individuals find spirituality by using humor as a guide for their journey. The journey in life is to find your true self. Your true self starts to show when you begin to learn to trust yourself. Connecting to Your True Self Beginning the connection to your true self occurs when you decide … Read more

Episode 1: Authenticity Requires Real Action – Becoming Your Biggest Fan With Rachel Strong

There are literally thousands of motivational speakers, influencers, coaches, mentors, and advocates out there promoting how their unique approach to self-care is the key to unlocking “your authentic, best self.” The promise of self-identification and advocacy is achievable, but not without a significant investment, traditionally funded by you. Join Pam Savino, as she welcomes her … Read more

What Is Happiness?

Let’s just jump in off the high-dive, shall we? Strip away the house, the fancy-schmancy car, the job title, the economic status, the jewelry collection and all the other things that society tells us we need to be happy. What’s left? You. Your consciousness. Who are you? Now we’re getting somewhere. Society conditions us I … Read more