4 Powerful Keys to Living Life on Your Terms

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are drifting through this life in an unconscious reality, subscribing to socially-accepted norms and following a path that attempts to fulfill expectations placed upon us. It often isn’t until a life-changing event occurs that we are prompted to assess how we are living and may contemplate making changes, but the reality is that we can start any time.

Shift into authenticity

Now is the perfect time to start to make the shift into authenticity. Living a life that is authentic to who we are means that our beliefs, our thoughts, and our behaviors are aligned with who we are, our inner being.

By making small shifts every day into conscious thought patterns, we allow our soul to lead the way.

Committing to live your life your way takes courage and a firm resolve to stand in your truth. It also takes a willingness to go against the grain.

It takes commitment, consistency, and a ton of hard work, but the soul work will pay dividends for the rest of your earthly journey and beyond.

Here is an excerpt from my book coming out soon:

“You have this one life and it’s up to you to take personal responsibility for the way you want to live it. The only way to do it the “right way” is to go deep within and do the work that allows you to discover your deeper truths and live them out. As much as I would love to give you a road map, I can’t. It’s not because I don’t want to; it’s because there isn’t one. Even if there were, that wouldn’t be the preferred approach because there’s no growth in that. No conscious thought. No digging deep and sitting quietly with your thoughts and learning to listen to what your intuition is telling you at each juncture. We are not going for the unconscious route through this; we are going for conscious, active, co-creation with the Universe.”

How to craft your authentic reality

A great way to start is by asking questions such as these:

  • In what areas of your life are your thoughts, actions and behaviors misaligned?
  • What is a change that you have been contemplating but are too fearful to make?
  • What blocks and obstacles are preventing you from stepping into your truth?
  • Have you thought about the very real possibility that your new life could be infinitely better than your current reality?

As you embark on this journey from your head to your heart, remember to be patient with yourself. And remember there is no race to the finish line. The journey is the reward!