How To Keep Your Pitcher Full

You all have responsibilities, and a lot of them. It’s so easy to spread yourself thin as you tend to family obligations, work responsibilities, errands, your homes, your cars, and several other mandatory activities that are required to keep your lives running smoothly. That is why you need to find out how to keep your pitchers full, so you can fill others’ pitchers with the water of life.

Here is a video I did that talks about parenting and the daily balance.

Living life on an “empty” pitcher

When my kids were little, I barely dedicated any time to myself. I was constantly in reaction mode, responding to life as if it were one steady stream of fire drills.

I never took time to sit and eat a proper meal; instead, I ate the crust from my kids’ grilled cheese sandwiches and grab a coffee or a Snicker’s bar late afternoon to give me the energy boost I needed until bedtime. After I tucked the kids in, I started loads of laundry and other behind-the-scenes mom stuff I needed to do before the next morning. I was exhausted and stressed, and I didn’t even realize at the time that it all stemmed from me and the way I was allowing life to run me.

My pitcher was empty, yet I was still trying to fill up everyone else’s cup.

I wasn’t approaching life from an empowered place, and I certainly wasn’t taking care of my mind, body, or spirit.

Invest in yourself

After a long and winding road of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, I’ve come to realize how incredibly important it is to invest in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being on a continual basis. I’ve learned that if you take care of yourself first, then you will have even more to give to those around you.

Self-love, a lifestyle which prioritizes taking care of the self, is one of the most important concepts in the world of spirituality. You attract what you are, so the happier, more fulfilled, energized, and empowered you are, the better experiences you attract into your physical reality.

If you haven’t watched this video, take a few minutes for yourself and watch it.

It is especially important to prioritize your overall well-being in times of higher-than-normal activities, such as the holidays. Here are some ideas for keeping your pitcher full during the holiday season, and throughout the year:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink more water
  • Rest and recovery
  • Massage
  • Relaxing baths
  • Detoxify
  • Spend time in nature
  • Getting sufficient sleep
  • Minimizing stress levels
  • Keep a journal
  • Meditation
  • Express gratitude
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Deep breathing
  • Spend time with people who uplift you
  • Learn to say no without guilt
  • Maintain healthy boundaries

The list of ways you can invest in yourself goes on and on, but the above will set you on the path of loving yourself more.