What Is Happiness?

Let’s just jump in off the high-dive, shall we?

Strip away the house, the fancy-schmancy car, the job title, the economic status, the jewelry collection and all the other things that society tells us we need to be happy.

What’s left? You. Your consciousness.

Who are you? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Society conditions us

I talk a lot about societal conditioning because it is a very powerful force that holds us back from living authentically.

We’re so conditioned to think that our recipe for happiness in life is a checklist of items and milestones that we must progress through sequentially. We are conditioned to be destination-obsessed, living under the illusion that once we reach such destination or achieve such status or acquire such item we will be happy. When we reach the destination we are often disappointed because it fell woefully short of our expectations and we didn’t embody the feeling that we thought we would. We are conditioned to rely on validation from sources in our external environment…other people’s opinions, personal belongings and so on.

Will I be accepted? Will my ideas be good enough? Am I fit enough? Is the car cool enough? Is my bank account big enough?

This is our ego talking.

The process of spiritual transformation begins the moment we start to delineate our ego from our higher self.

Begin to live authentically

It is precisely the point where we can start to make conscious decisions that are in alignment with who we are and what we want for ourselves. This is precisely the point where we begin to live authentically.

Living authentically is about doing life YOUR way. It’s about making choices that put your thoughts, behaviors, and values into harmony. It’s about committing to growth. It’s about making the unconscious parts of us conscious. It involves speaking your truth and getting cozy with the reality that some people will naturally fall away. It’s about utilizing a holistic approach…mind, body, spirit…recognizing that we are multidimensional beings with limitless potential.

What is happiness?

I’ve thought a lot about what happiness is over the years, and for me, I’ve discovered that happiness is deeply rooted in freedom. Freedom from what, you ask? Freedom from doubt. Freedom from judgement. Freedom to speak my truth unabashedly. Freedom from societal expectations. Freedom from roadblocks/obstacles. Freedom from antiquated programming that doesn’t serve me any more. Freedom from all types of fears…failure, rejection, pain, death, disappointment, worry, etc. Untethering myself from all of these things weighing me down allows me to soar.

We’re conditioned to think that happiness is always somewhere else. Never where we are. It’s in 3 years when my kids are older and life is easier. It’s next year when I get the promotion and the corner office. It’s after I graduate and have a place of my own.

The ubiquitously uncovered truth is that happiness is ALWAYS precisely where we are.

Happiness is what happens ALONG THE WAY. It’s the experiences we have. It’s the people we meet. It’s the connections we deepen. It’s the self-awareness we discover. Happiness is always right here, right now.

Commit to growth

Based on my personal experience and observation of others, one’s level of happiness is directly linked to the commitment to growth as an individual. The art of learning to use each experience as an opportunity for growth forces us to be more vulnerable and transparent, and therein lies unlimited opportunity to discover more about ourselves and connect with others.

In doing so, we are forced to live in the moment. Ruminations of the past no longer monopolize our thoughts. Preoccupations about the future no longer infiltrate our minds. We learn to immerse ourselves in the present moment. You know those moments when you lose track of time? That’s called “flow”…we are plugged directly into universal energy. This allows us to drift into higher levels of consciousness, stepping further and further into our higher selves and who we are meant to be without being weighed down by physical world egoistic barometers.

Self evolution brings happiness

I’ve found that the more I evolve the happier I am. It’s because I’m no longer weighed down by all the worldly things that I once used to aspire to have. Yes, we all need a safe dwelling, reliable transportation, etc. (and yes, we should treat ourselves to certain luxuries along the way…stay tuned for post a on self-love!). I found that as I evolve they no longer hold the significance they once did. Instead of feeling weighed down, I now feel ANCHORED…anchored to my core values and personally crafted belief system and this gives me the energy and courage and confidence to live my truth. My belief system reassures me that everything is always in perfect divine order, and that’s all I need to know to be happy.

I invite you to take inventory on your life. Who are you? What do you believe? What are your values? What are the non-physical qualities you embody? Are you living your life YOUR way? Have you found your voice, spoken your truth, and are you living authentically?

Let’s do this together!