Episode 125: Be Real with Keith Anderson

 Episode 125 of the Live Authentically podcast presents Keith Anderson, a lawyer, consultant, keynote speaker and founder of Worth Living Mental Health Consulting. He’s also an author of “Life Worth Living: A Mental Health Anthology.” Keith knows mental health struggles all too well. He founded his business because he had depression for 16 years … Read more

Episode 124: Be in the Moment with Sharon Lebell

 The Live Authentically podcast is back with Sharon Lebell, a bestselling author, composer, speaker and performing musician. Sharon joins Pam to talk about Stoicism, how to live your best possible life and her internationally bestselling book, “The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness.” As per usual, Pam asks Sharon … Read more

Episode 123: Name the Mouse in the Room with David Wood

 Episode 123 of the podcast is back with David Wood, a previous guest on episode 84 of the show. With over 20 years of experience as a life coach, David is also the founder of Focus.ceo.  David starts off part two of his podcast with his latest book, “Mouse in the Room: Because the … Read more

Episode 122: Consciously Create Habits with Monique Rhodes

 Live Authentically podcast episode 122 features Monique Rhodes, a self-proclaimed happiness strategist. On her website, Monique offers eight different kinds of courses focused on sleep and stress meditations to self-improvement and self-love exercises. When asked how she lives authentically each day, Monique says she practices by choosing to pay attention to the places her … Read more

Episode 121: Express Yourself Authentically with Varun Gandhi

 Live Authentically podcast episode 121 features Dr. Varun Gandhi, a life and business coach who, if you read his website, went through a slew of career choices after leaving behind his career in environmental engineering consulting. Gandhi says he lives authentically by ensuring that he’s expressing himself authentically. “Anything that comes out of my … Read more

Episode 119: Be Intentional About Being Yourself with Mike Kasdan

 Episode 119 of the Live Authentically podcast features Mike Kasdan, an intellectual property lawyer, professor of NYU Law and the founder of Lawyering While Human, an organization dedicated to serving law firms and schools by providing mental health and wellness services.  He is also on the leadership team for The Good Men Project, a … Read more

​Episode 118: Overcoming Adversity – With John Cerasani

 On episode 118 of the Live Authentically Podcast, we are joined by John Cerasani, a personal friend of Pam’s and founder of Glencrest Global, a venture capital firm based in Chicago, Illinois.  John’s firm invests in companies operating in the sports, gaming, leisure, hospitality, food technology, government technology, SaaS and technology sectors. But John … Read more

Episode 117: Have Your Own Back – With Susan Larkin

 Episode 117 of the Live Authentically podcast features Susan Larkin, an alcohol awareness and addiction coach who found her calling after quitting drinking herself. Larkin says at a certain point in her life, she realized that alcohol was the thing that was keeping her from living authentically.  “And one of the first things I … Read more