Investment Advice Straight From Warren Buffett

Investment Advice Straight From Warren Buffett

I’ve watched many Warren Buffett interviews over the years, and while he has plenty of stock market savvy to share, there’s one central theme that runs throughout this King of Investing’s advice: Invest in yourself. “By far the best investment you can make is in yourself,” Buffett declares. It’s a piece of advice I’ve taken … Read more

This Secret to Transforming Your Life Will Surprise You

Things to Remember quote with church pictures

Last week when I was in New York City I spent some time at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s a time-honored tradition for me, and is something that I look forward to doing every time I’m in NYC. If you haven’t been, St. Patrick’s is majestic and truly a sight to behold.  It’s a refreshing … Read more

Episode 108: Effective Compassion – With Tim Desmond

 Episode 108: Live Authentically sits down with Tim Desmond, a psychotherapist, and author who studied under the late Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn. Throughout the episode, Pamela Savino and Desmond discuss the importance that self-compassion and mindfulness play in living a most authentic life.  Desmond grew up in Boston with a single, alcoholic mother … Read more

How to Make Sleep Your New Best Friend

How to Make Sleep Your New Best Friend

Do you ever…. Have a hard time falling asleep? Struggle to stay asleep? Deal with overthinking in the middle of the night? Take your worries to bed with you? Wake up feeling exhausted? If you said yes to any of the above, you are not alone. Many of the execs I work with struggle with … Read more

Episode 107: Difficult Paths Are Worth It – With David Richman

 Episode 107: Live Authentically is here with David Richman, a former overweight smoker who turned his life around to become a charitable endurance athlete. An author of two books, “Winning in the Middle of the Pack” and “Cycle of Lives,” he uses this newfound athleticism as a means to connect people on a similarly … Read more

Uncertainty is a Gift. Here’s why.

Uncertainty is a Gift. Here’s why.

In my dream the other night, I was bargaining big time. Bargaining with some higher power — God, the Universe, call it what you will. We were talking about the only two givens in life: death and taxes, and I was looking for some kind of loophole. “Can’t I PLEEEASE get out one of the … Read more

Episode 106: Practice Awareness – With Udo Erasmus (Part 1)

 Episode 106: Live Authentically is here with Udo Erasmus, a health and wellness pioneer. He discovered flax oil and is the author of “Fats that heal, fats that kill.” Erasmus has impacted over 10 million lives by delivering his message on how to achieve perfect health. The episode begins with Erasmus discussing how he … Read more

Episode 105: Stay Grounded to Your Principles – With Paul Conti

 This episode features Paul Conti, M.D., a Stanford University School of Medicine graduate. Dr. Conti was appointed chief resident after completing psychiatry training at Stanford and Harvard. Before moving to Portland, Oregon and founding a clinic, he served on the Harvard medical faculty. He serves patients and clients throughout the United States and internationally, … Read more

Applebees, Anyone?

Applebees, Anyone

So on Sunday night I found myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror with my daughters learning the TikTok dance to the country music chart-topper, “Fancy Like.” Wait, scratch the “with my daughters” part. I was learning it by myself. Yep. A grown adult in her bathroom learning a TikTok dance on a Sunday … Read more