The Real Purpose of Leadership

What is the true purpose of leadership?

Before we dive into that concept, let’s explore a deeper question…

Why are we on this earth?

We live in such a complicated world, with unhealthy temptations, material distractions, external expectations, internal limitations.  But as I see it, life can be simplified into two main principles:

We are here to LOVE and to GROW.  

Oh, and to have fun along the way.  Don’t forget about that.  There’s always room for fun.

When we focus on LOVE and GROWTH, everything else falls into place – in our personal lives, the office, everywhere.

But how exactly do we stay focused on and committed to these two initiatives?

Well, leaders, this is where you have a tremendous honor.

True leadership, at its core, is about awakening.

It’s about helping others step into higher levels of consciousness, so we all can achieve more and enjoy more as individuals and the collective.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and the world we live in is simply our classroom where we learn the lessons we are meant to learn to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and make a meaningful impact on the world.

What this world needs more than ever is leaders who are committed to educating, empowering and awakening others.

But there’s a rub – you can’t awaken others if you’re not awakened yourself.

“Awakened” isn’t a destination, an end-game.  It’s a way of being, a lifestyle that prioritizes growth and love.  The expectation isn’t perfection; the only requirement is that you show up with a commitment to personal betterment.

It’s a practice of utilizing our daily experiences, both in and out of the office, for the purpose of expansion, as well as the advancement of humanity.   

I’m going to take this opportunity to make a bold prediction:  Within ten years, the concepts of spirituality and personal evolution will be major initiatives within the business world.  People will be looking back and thinking about how they can’t even fathom a time when we didn’t recognize and embrace spiritual growth as a crucial component of business success.

Leaders, the sooner you embrace your own evolution, the sooner you’ll be on your way to leading your business into unprecedented, world-changing territory.

In my one-on-one executive coaching, I help awaken leaders so they can step into their role of awakening others.

Oh, and here’s a question you can reflect on to kick-start this idea for you:  

In what ways is my leadership style an extension of my personal beliefs?

If you’re even the least bit curious, let’s chat.