Episode 27: Intentions Without Reinvention with Kelly Barron

Have you ever observed someone’s behavior and thought to yourself, “Wow! What’s gotten into that person. Why are they so happy or calm? They seem to have it together.” I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your life. Maybe you were the person others observed, or perhaps you observed someone else. It’s natural … Read more

Episode 25: Hitting Rock Bottom Saved Me with Elizabeth Long

Everyone handles pain differently and we all have experienced various levels of its severity. Pain doesn’t discriminate. There isn’t a right or wrong way to manage pain, specifically the kind that is a result from the loss of a loved one. Eight years ago, Elizabeth was headed to her sisters, but had a strong “feeling” … Read more

Episode 24: Don’t Let Divorce Dictate Your Future with Susan Guthrie

  Most people that make the conscious decision to get married, don’t have an immediate expectation of getting divorced. However, things happen throughout life, people change, situations arise, and circumstances can create a deep-seeded conflict. Some people find that these issues are too deep to resolve. For over 20 years, Susan Guthrie spent countless days … Read more

Episode 23: Shifting Your Passion Into Purpose with Hailey Rowe

There’s a certain energy and vibration that comes with being a servant leader. It also takes a very special, and unique, soul to be able to become a master of your own emotions, while being mindful of others interests, passions, and being able to see their innate purpose in life.  “My purpose is to help … Read more

Episode 22: Turning Travel Into Timeless Treasures with Daniel Fortner

  You’ve seen the posts, you’ve read the articles, and you’ve potentially even researched the opportunities that are available to people who get paid for doing what they love doing, traveling. You’ve also likely questioned if this was a reality, or if it was just another scam to make people think this lifestyle exists when … Read more