Episode 71: The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Gabe Arnold

Today’s guest is Gabe Arnold, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Business Marketing Engine, a full-service marketing firm. If you’re a long-time follower of the Live Authentically podcast, you might be wondering where you’ve heard that name before.

Gabe was the featured guest way back on the twelfth episode of our show. Then, he talked about the secret to entrepreneurial success. Now, he’s here with us again to discuss the truth about entrepreneurship. Because this is Gabe’s second time on the podcast, we’re going to change up our format a little bit.

Debunking Common Myths About Entrepreneurship

We gave Gabe the following true or false statements:

  • Entrepreneurship is easy and glamorous.
  • Emotions have no place in business.
  • Your number one objective should be to avoid adversity.
  • The most successful people are overnight successes.
  • To best serve your clients, you should always give them as much information as you can as quickly as possible. 
  • The path to success is linear.
  • If you can do a task effectively and efficiently, it isn’t worth delegating it.
  • To preserve your reputation as an expert, never tell your clients when you make a mistake.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, high levels of pressure and noise are just something you will have to deal with.

Spoiler alert: each of these statements is false or mostly false. Gabe has valuable insights and personal anecdotes as to why, and we’re excited to be sharing his answers with you.

Leading With Your Heart

Many businesses are purely transactional, which makes sense. Exchanging money for products or services is the foundation of the economy. However, that doesn’t have to be where your work as a leader stops. 

Ask yourself, “what would love do?” Then, allow that question to guide your actions.

For Gabe, asking himself that question has led him to the idea of showing up and leading with heart. Rather than treating the people he interacts with like numbers or accounts, he aims to treat them how he would a friend or a loved one. Doing so has allowed him to build lasting, meaningful relationships with both clients and employees. 

Eventually, Gabe’s goal is to counteract the myths and misinformation surrounding marketing to help clients succeed. That means creating a holistic, multi-channel marketing strategy that will work for your business even as time passes and things change. 

To learn more about Gabe’s work at Business Marketing Engine, you can visit the website today. If you want to connect with Gabe personally, he’s active on both LinkedIn and Facebook.