Stop Overthinking, Start Surrendering – Part 2

Hopefully, you haven’t been overthinking too much about the overthinking newsletter from last week. I just had to!  

Anyways, last week we dove into the three ways to overthrow overthinking, and this week we’re going to explore seven more.

Here are seven more ways to keep overthinking at bay: 

4. Pay attention to how you feel

The way you feel at any given moment is the best barometer for your energy or point of attraction.  Do you feel peaceful, at ease, energized? Or do you feel tense and drained?  

When we are overthinking, our bodies often experience an associated physical response, one of anxiety and fear. Our bodies go into fight or flight mode, which is there as a self-protecting mechanism. When we are in that state, we are in our own way. We have to get to a place of relaxation and ease before what we truly want can come to us.

5. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice of focusing on the here and now.  Being fully present in the moment. When we’re totally immersed in what’s right in front of us and committed to soaking up the joy, we intentionally crowd out the past and the future, and therefore allow ourselves to enjoy the depth of the present moment.  Concentrate on loving what you have right in front of you that you disallow your mind from entertaining other scenarios.

6. Rely on your intuition

When we let our soul lead the way, we tap into our innate intuition and rely on our inner wisdom and deep knowingness.  A level of knowingness and conviction that can only come when we get out of our head and into the deepest part of ourselves.

7. Journal

Spend time writing down your thoughts every day, even if for just a few minutes.  Any style will do – responding to reflection questions, stream of consciousness journaling fits the bill, or any other form.  No judgments, no expectations, just write.

To begin the process of overcoming overthinking, start by journaling your reflection to this question:  “What am I most fearful of?”

8. Connect with your soul

Ahhhh so many ways to do this. Spend time alone. Go for a walk in nature. Listen to a song that moves you. Express gratitude. Meditate. Express yourself creatively.  

9. Detach from the outcome

We often fixate on a particular outcome because we’re conditioned to be goal-oriented, but let’s face it, we want what we want.  Sometimes we end up forcing something that isn’t truly aligned with who we are.  

But what if I told you that there are other possibilities that exist?  In order to open ourselves up to these possibilities, we need to give the universe the license to surprise us. 

Realize that you will be okay either way.

10. Practice the art of surrender

Know that where you are right now is where you are meant to be. Trust in the universe, higher power, God, or whatever word you use to represent the expansiveness of who you are.  Relax into the truth that you will be taken care of, and while you may not always get what you want, you will always get what is in your highest good.

As I mentioned earlier, the journey from your head to your soul is the best trip you’ll ever take.  Want to learn more?  Ready to stop overthinking and start surrendering?  Book a call with me today.