Episode 75: Stepping Into a World of Infinite Possibility with Russ Juson

Today’s guest is someone we can’t wait to introduce you to. Russ Juson is a life and wealth coach, and the founder of I Am Plus Coaching. He’s been operating as a transformational leader since 2007, and he’s here now to share with us the concepts and energies he values. Chief among them are the ideas of self-love, self-respect and self-belief. When combined, the practices can help you access a world of infinite possibilities. 

Letting Go of Your Need for Approval

Many of us are people pleasers. Even if that’s not strictly how you would define yourself, you might still find yourself seeking the approval of others above everything else, including your happiness. 

It feels good to have the approval of others, whether you’re striving to be who your parents, partner, friends, or someone else wants you to be. Unfortunately, however, that good feeling doesn’t last. There’s always going to be something else you could do or someone else who has an opinion of you. 

Seeking the approval of others isn’t sustainable, which, deep down, many of us know. It’s challenging to acknowledge, but when you begin to value your approval over that of other people, you’ll start to discover and value the possibilities that are best for you.

Opening Yourself Up to Abundance

There are two primary mindsets. The first is the contractionist mindset. When you’re in a contractionist mindset, you shrink in on yourself. You make yourself less and let opportunities pass you by. There are a lot of reasons you might find yourself in a contractionist mindset, ranging from external pressures to a lack of belief in your capabilities. Overcoming this way of thinking can be a challenge, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you stay in this mindset. 

The other mindset is one of expansion. When you embrace an expansionist mindset, you’re opening yourself up to opportunities and freeing yourself from the idea that you’re not enough. Abundance is out there, and the universe wants to provide you with what you need. All you need to do is open yourself up to the messages it’s sending and accepting the chances it offers you. When you change your mindset, you can change your entire life. 

We hope you enjoy today’s discussion, and we’re so glad you’re choosing to spend this time with us. To learn more or connect with Russ, you can join him on Facebook or Instagram