Want to Change Your Life? Change Your Thoughts

I’m teaching my kids how to golf this summer. This past Saturday, I took them to the driving range for the first time. My littlest (who is nine), was pretty frustrated, and understandably so. If you’ve ever played golf before, then you know that everything about the golf swing feels awkward the first time you try it.  However, through practice and persistence, just like anything else, the movement feels more natural each time you do it. 

The entire time she said things like, “I can’t hit a good shot. I can’t get it up in the air. I can’t hit it straight. I’ll never be a good golfer. Golf is hard. I’ll never be as good as my brothers.”

I validated her emotions and reassured her it’s normal to feel discouraged when you’re trying something new.  

Power of Negative Vibes

Many of us can relate to my daughter’s frustration as she learned a new skill.  It’s important to note that the negative comments my daughter said about her inability to play golf, affected the outcome. The narrative we tell ourselves has a direct impact on how our life plays out.  If we are constantly telling ourselves things like “I’ll never get ahead, I have such bad luck, Everyone else has it easier,” we will call in experiences that validate those thoughts.

The key is to start telling ourselves a different story. We must cast different vibes into the universe. This article will give you a starter kit for how you can start the process of creating a new reality.

First, it’s important to understand the basics of the foundational laws of the universe.  These concepts are important to understand because embracing them will empower you, totally change the way you live and will prompt you to more consciously choose your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction

In order to begin the process of creating your reality through energy and vibration, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction.  Everything in our world is energy, and emits a certain frequency.

Here’s an excerpt from my book SOAR:

“The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that “like attracts like.”  The Universe plays the matching game all day every day, constantly matching things of like vibrations. What we attract into our physical world is a reflection of what we have cast out into the Universe. Life is an echo, and what we send out shall return. Therefore, to attract high vibrations, we must emit high vibrations.

What we consume has a direct impact on our vibration, and what we consume is not only limited to food.  It includes the activities we engage in, the people we surround ourselves with, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we embody, and everything else that makes us who we are.  This book will explore various ways to raise your vibration.”

At the beginning of the article I shared my daughter’s commentary during her first session at the driving range.  Her commentary harbored the vibration of doubt and frustration, which resonate at low frequencies.  Although she didn’t quite realize it at the time, her thoughts were spawning more frustration, and weren’t consistent with the outcome she was hoping for.   At the end of the article I will share with you how her thoughts and her words drastically improved her experience just three days later!

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

In the story about my daughter learning to play golf, she said negative comments. When she said negative things about her lack of ability and her doubt in ever becoming good, it did little to improve her golfing.

SOAR touches on how our thoughts play a major role in curating what shows up in our life:

“Everything in the Universe is energy, and our thoughts are no exception.  Thoughts are known to have a quantifiable, measurable frequency.  We attract what we think about.  That thought alone can be both refreshing and sobering.  We must choose our thoughts carefully and curate a narrative that reflects what we want to attract.”

Start by being mindful of the thoughts you’re thinking. Any time you experience a negative or limiting thought, ask yourself how you can replace that thought with a more positive and supportive thought.

The Art of Manifestation

In my book SOAR, I describe manifestation as the art of co-creating your reality with the Universe.  It’s an art rather than a science, and welcomes creativity and open-mindedness.

“The process of manifestation is much more fluid and dynamic, requires a sense of open-mindedness and involves surrendering to the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Universe and its divine timing.  Manifestation involves focusing on the journey rather than the destination.  With manifestation, the Universe ensures that you always get the outcome that is in your highest good rather than the one that you have chosen for yourself.”

Manifestation has several core components, all of which are discussed in my book, but the laws of the universe are at work behind the scenes during every step of the process.

With my daughter’s experience playing golf, she needed to learn how to enjoy the process. One of the issues was that she didn’t focus on her progress swing by swing. Instead, she only focused on her inability to hit the golf ball and her assumption that she’d never become as good as her brothers.

Start Telling Yourself A Different Story

Do you ever find yourself thinking “I have such bad luck.  Everyone has it easier than I do.  I’ll never get out of this situation.”?

If so, it’s time to write a new narrative. 

How about this?  “Life is always working out for me.  I am always in the right place at the right time.  Life is happening for me, not to me.  Every experience is an opportunity to grow.  I am always in the right place at the right time.  Life flows with ease.”

We’re so accustomed to allowing our thoughts to reflect our physical reality, but it actually works the other way around.  It all happens on an energetic level first.  We must first choose the thoughts and our vibration, and then watch our physical world respond accordingly.

Make Conscious Choices

In conclusion to my daughter’s experience learning to play golf, this is what happened three days after she became so frustrated.

Before we arrived at the driving range again, I said “This time, let’s tell ourselves a different story.  Let’s say “Golf is easy.  I’m a natural.  My shots are straight.  My shots go far.  Golf is fun.  I’m getting better with each swing.”  I could tell she was relaxed.  Energetically, she was in a totally different place than she was a few days prior.

Remember, it was only three days previous that she couldn’t seem to hit the golf ball, not a lot of time for her to gain years worth of practice.

Despite that…

Her shift in mindset impacted her results in a very obvious and exciting way.  It was like night and day.  Literally shot after shot, she was popping them up off the tee, and they were going straight.  She was smiling.  She was having fun.  And, she was starting to think golf is easy.

In order to manifest the life of our dreams, we must make conscious choices in every moment.  We must disconnect from things that hold us back.  And we must change our thoughts. What are you thinking right now?

I’m here to guide you on your journey, and would love to help you unleash your awesomeness.  Reach out and we’ll schedule a time to chat about designing your new life!