Episode 21: Mastering Mantra’s That Shift Your Mindset with Abiola Abrams

Have you ever questioned where you are at in your journey? Maybe you aren’t where you want to be or feeling like where you should be, and that’s okay. One of the most amazing things we, as humans, get to experience for free is the education we are given from others and, in turn, are able to share with others while on this earth. 

Abiola Abrams, a mindset coach and a spiritual healer enthusiast, found herself asking the same questions and more. After going through a traumatizing divorce and struggling with fibroids and fertility issues, Abiola knew her purpose and path had to start somewhere. She realized that these things weren’t happening TO her, they were happening FOR her. It was in those moments where she decided to take a leap of faith, dig deep within herself, and begin her journey toward healing.  

“Once you are able to identify what is triggering you, then you can move into the why. It’s at that point that we can dig a little deeper and identify the root cause of the emotion and feeling we are experiencing. This feeling usually brings us back to somehow I am not enough.”

Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? That your emotions, actions, and efforts were falling on deaf ears and cold hearts?

If you’ve ever experienced, or are currently experiencing these feelings, please know that these are only temporary and they will pass. Take a moment to breathe. Go for a walk. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

After that, join us on Tuesday for the Live Authentically Podcast with Pam Savino. This guest is someone you won’t want to miss. We even have a little surprise for you – so make sure to stay tuned and join me to welcome Abiola Abrams to my show.