Episode 22: Turning Travel Into Timeless Treasures with Daniel Fortner


You’ve seen the posts, you’ve read the articles, and you’ve potentially even researched the opportunities that are available to people who get paid for doing what they love doing, traveling. You’ve also likely questioned if this was a reality, or if it was just another scam to make people think this lifestyle exists when it really doesn’t.

Daniel Fortner was no different. He had the same questions and even raised concerns about how he and his wife could make a living through their traveling experiences. Daniel had a vision and he knew that he wanted to be true to himself and his passions through travel. So he did.

Daniel and his wife sold everything they had, took one of the biggest leaps of faith, and followed their dream in becoming world travelers. 

“For me, living authentically is being able to look at myself everyday in the mirror and go to bed at night knowing that I have been true to myself based off of my wishes and making sure those wishes don’t do anything but cause positivity to those around me.”

Daniel chose to embrace the fear of the unknown and made his dreams become his authentic reality. 

Join us on Tuesday for the Live Authentically Podcast with Pam Savino as we interview Daniel Fortner, a world traveler that chose to uproot everything he’d known and use his passion for travel to begin living authentically, sharing his passion and experiences across the world.