Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Integrity

Right out of the gate, I’m gonna lead with this:

Integrity is easy when you know who you are.

The keywords here?  Knowing who you are.

This is where the spirit-driven piece comes in and adds a whole new dimension to integrity.

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff.  Here’s how to think about integrity with a spiritual twist.

Stay with me.

There are actually two parts of you – the part that’s eternal – your soul, your inner being, your higher self, your authentic self.  This part of you always knows the truth and is always pulled toward that which is pure, moral, and divine.  When you’re connected to this part of who you are, it always feels good.

Annnnnd then there’s the part of us that lives in the physical world and has to navigate earthly matters – like temptations, distractions, choices, some of which need to be made under challenging circumstances, such as time pressures, mental fatigue, or burnout.

When you know who you are, you’re crystal clear on your belief system and what you stand for; your inner guidance system pulls you toward the light naturally.

Your belief system has been crafted from your personal lived experiences, and those experiences have given you tremendous clarity on what resonates with you and who you are, and what doesn’t.

And by the way, that’s the beauty of the human experience – we come here to experience contrast, sort through all of what life has to offer and decide for ourselves what we truly desire and how we want to feel.

Whenever we aren’t living connected to our inner being, we risk making choices that directly oppose what our inner being would want us to do.

We’ve all heard stories involving fraud, scams and schemes hitting the news.  Give me about 2 minutes to sit down and chat with each of them, and I’ll find the common thread.  It all stems from the same place – disconnection from self.

I mean, without a super solid guidance system, is it any wonder integrity is a struggle?

When we’re disconnected, choices are made from a place of fear and protection, not from a place of faith and trust, which is the energy of our authentic selves.

So here’s a question to stick in your back pocket: “Is this in integrity with who I am?”  

Next time you’re presented with a new idea, ask yourself that question.  Next time you have to make a decision, ask yourself that question.

Remember – integrity is easy when you know who you are.

The world needs more leaders carrying the torch of spirit-inspired leadership.  Would you consider being part of this movement by working with me and allowing me to guide you?  It would be the most incredible honor. If you’d like to chat, you can find me here.


Love and light,