Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Non-Judgment

Wherever there’s variety and contrast, there’s gonna be judgment.  It’s part of human nature.

But getting to a place of non-judgment is a big part of spirit-inspired leadership.

Why?  Because judgment gets in the way of connection – to ourselves and others.

Judgment is what holds us apart and separate.

And without connection, we literally pinch ourselves off from what we want most.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hold yourself and others to a super high standard, but I am saying there’s usually a lot more room for compassion and empathy than an atmosphere of judgment can provide.

Judgment happens when we are quick to apply our own biases, beliefs, prejudices, and opinions onto others.

As we go through life, we all have our own experiences, many of which leave a huge impact on us and inform the choices we make and how we show up in the world.

We’ve gotta dig really deep and realize that there are powerful and moving experiences that shaped and molded the person we are today and hold space for all of it.

Next time you experience judgment bubbling up toward yourself, or others, try this quick little framework to help yourself through it.

  • Notice

Become aware that you’re judging (and don’t judge yourself for it :)) Just a little “huh, that’s a judgment” fits the bill.

  • Create a little space

I’m always blown away by the perspective that comes with space.  Sometimes we just need to sit and observe and not act.  When we create space, we make room for new wisdom to enter, and we’re invited to respond rather than react.

  • Get curious

Rather than come up with a conclusion or statement, get curious.  Wonder what played into the behavior.  Wonder if there’s information that isn’t available to you.  Wonder if there’s another perspective that you haven’t considered.

  • Ask powerful questions

Learning to ask powerful questions is a game-changer.  Ask open-ended questions from a place of genuine curiosity.  Try to step into their human experience.

Quick little story: As I was walking through the woods recently, up in the distance, I noticed a gorgeous sea of pink and white flowers.  As I admired their collective beauty, I couldn’t help but think that, technically, they were weeds.  The lens through which we see the world dictates the quality of our life experience.  Once you try on a new lens, you’ll have a radically different life experience.

Remaining open – open to new ideas, new perspectives, new everything will open you up to new levels of fulfillment, which brings us to our next topic – Openness.  Stay tuned for my next article.

If you’d like to start your journey of a lifetime, reach out.  I’m here for you.