Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Openness

Openness is another key aspect of spirit-driven leadership.

Because when we radiate openness, we invite possibilities and opportunities that are often far greater than what we initially wanted for ourselves.

I chose to talk about openness, not just open-mindedness, for a very specific reason:

Openness is an energy thing.

It’s a state of being.

It’s a way of showing up in the world where you relax and allow.

You’re not just open to new ideas;  you’re open to different outcomes.  You’re open to different paths.  You’re open to letting things unfold in a way that’s in your highest good.

You tune yourself to the vibration of everything you’ve ever wanted and hold it consistently so it picks up momentum.

After spending decades really striving to master energy and vibration and learning how to leverage universal laws to attract, I’ve come to this realization:

The key to staying open and allowing really does come down to the emotional atmosphere you create for yourself at any moment in time.

“Emotional atmosphere” – in simple terms, meaning how we feel, for many people, changes from moment to moment, depending on what’s going on around them.

Your work is to hold your emotion and your mood stable, regardless of what’s going on around you.

But how?  How do you get to, for starters, at least a neutral place when you’re being bombarded with stress, overwhelm, and negativity from all directions?

You’ve gotta bring all that to a halt.  This is your work.  Stop the train first, and then put it on a different track.

Quiet your mind.  Close out email for a bit.  Turn your phone off.  (You totally can.  The world won’t fall off its axis; trust me.)

Remind yourself of the miracle of being alive and in a position to impact the lives of so many people.

Turn your attention to background noise in the room or outside.

Just notice.  Observe.  Enjoy.

Feel yourself start to relax.

You notice that a deep breath comes naturally.  In fact, you can’t even recall the last time you took such a deep, relaxed breath.

Whatever you were stressing about 5 minutes earlier magically seems to fall away.  You’re not quite sure how, but it did.

You get an impulse of creative thought, of divine inspiration, about something you want to do.  

You start to feel the exhilaration and the excitement of a new idea.  

You feel inspired to take action.

Your vibration is coming back up to its natural state – sky-high.

You feel an energy running through you that you can’t even put into words.

And that, folks, is receiving mode.  You’re allowing.  You’re receiving.  You’re aligned.  You’re open.

I want to know one thing.  Do you feel that?  Do you feel the difference between an approach that has an actual vibrational basis as opposed to one where you try to “think” yourself happy?

If you want to learn more about how you can put this into practice in your life in a way that sticks for good, let’s chat.  Learn how to do this, and you’ll be dangerous in the most positive sense of the word.